Can't Find the Need to Speed?


The new NFS: Most Wanted, is a good game, but it's not Burnout.  So how can we Burners get into it?  Here are some helpful tips:

Concerning the Player:

  • Remember, it's not Burnout.  Yes, It looks like it, but doesn't have all the tricks, environmental damage and motivation as Burnout series games.
  • Gather your favorite Burnout playlist, and use it as the in-game soundtrack (the familiar auditory sounds may bring back emotive feelings to keep you playing longer)
  • Criterion made it, so it should be somewhat similar and fun.  I know, it feels like betrayal, but EA needed their help.

The Game:

  • You cannot do everything in here you can do with Burnout, but try to find the limitations of the gaming world, just as you would in Paradise.
  • Find the right cars to race and upgrade- Unlike Burnout, and more of NFS, your motivation for this whole game is to be at the top of the Most Wanted list.  You have to race to unlock various parts to beat other racers.
  • Unlocking Pro parts- Challenges need to be completed, to unlock better parts.  Don't think to hard.

    For drifting, find a nice spot to drift until you reach that 5,000 yard mark they require.

    When it comes to spike strips, either enter the race called, Stopping Power, or make the cops angry so you can run over spike strips to unlock the reinflatable tires pro (with reinflated tires equipped). 

    Getting air, just make your vehicle light as possible with the right parts and find places down town to get the biggest jumps about 3 to 4 seconds in the air each jump (there is this huge construction site by a repair station in MCCLANE/I-192 rail yard where the jump takes you across an interstate or some highway, hitting two billboards).

You will beat all the Most Wanted very quickly doing this, then the rest of the game you complete more challenges, but it lacks the urgency that it did in Burnout Paradise.

If anyone has anything else to add, please do.