I don't think I get it!!??

I'm normally the first person to argue that racing games don't need a storyline. But, maybe I was wrong.

When it comes to open world racing/driving, I really think a good story would help me.

Am I missing something? Or is NFS:MW just too subtle for me???

To be fair, I have only played the game 3 times so far. The first time I played, I was quite enjoying it. I was playing offline only, got through some events and found some cars.

The second time was online, we played through several playlists (is that what they are called?), the racing was good (better than Paradise I thought anyway), but some of the other events just left me a little cold. There was one where we met up and then just had to drive off a cliff, why?

I know they have to throw some easy challenges in there, so those of us who aren't the stig can still compete.... but driving off a cliff a few times had limited fun.

Then I played a bit more offline last night. I got frustrated. Mostly because I wasn't winning events that I tried... but also, because I don't see the point, or more to the point, I don't think I like the point.

Criterion Games seem to want to change what racing games are, and I don't think I like where they are going with it. I really hate to say that. I really want to love a CG racing game again. But, the games they are making, they no longer seem to be making for me.

I like the Burnout formula, lets put Paradise to one side when we talk about what that formula is.

I like starting in a slow car and working my way up to the fastest. That isn't boring, that is having a decent learning curve and a great reward system. Playing for hours to unlock the best car is only boring if the game is boring to play.

This is where I think I am missing something with NFS:MW, I am getting these 'mod' things for winning races, so there is a progression. But, other than the boost which you get for winning your first race in a car. I don't really care about the other 'mods' as I'm not really sure what they do for me and I am not really into the whole 'modding' thing. I would rather be unlocking cars, that is more tangible for me.

I like the game being 'in my face!'. I like it emphasising the exciting elements that are going on. It underlines the experience for me. The graphics on screen that say 'takedown' or 'crash' or the bits that tell you about near misses or oncoming are way too understated. The way I described this yesterday (as well as the lack of story/motivation) was that the game hasn't sucked me in. All of the onscreen stuff is just way too subtle, or small!

Where is the DJ? Some guidance would be lovely.

There is no addiction factor. I don't feel a need to go back for more.

I will keep trying though, maybe I will 'get it' soon!



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You won't win events especially medium and hard events if you don't mod your cars. For example in a race that is mostly off road, say a speedtest you will gain about 10-15 mph by using off road tyres. But it you are in a mainly road based race, track tyres will give you better times. You need to adjust the mods fitted to suit the race.

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I think I need to give it another proper go and try and get my head around the whole modding thing. Modding is just so not Burnout! It kind of goes against the grain for me! smiley

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Burnout space but the driving and 'mods' are NFS, single player it till you find one car from each class you like and get the mods for them, get a million points and do all the most wanted with your favorite fast car, find one of those cars you like, get on line and stick with the cars you know and unlock their mods then you will have a better on line experience. Mostly it's dicking about till you got your cars/mods.

Then drive around with out music and listen for 'Burnout Crash' theme tunes for the missing cars, when you think you got most of them jump to them via the D pad/easy drive, drive them and you get the drive all cars 'chievement, you need 41 of them.

There is more but that is the basics.


Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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To win races you must either use the right mods or drive like the Stig smiley This means that you have to win every race to progress easily. (something that I'm not a fan of because if you get second or third and move on to the next race you will most likely fail and get pissed off with the game).

There is no tutorial so you have to figure it out yourself. I think it was the 5th Most Wanted race (the one with the Lexus) I Iearnt this the hard way. I could not make it past the drains at the end until I put on the Offroad tires.

For the events where you escape the cops like "bloody nose" it is normally wise to use reinflateables and short gears. In my experience this is good for any cop chase scenario.

I really like the game but  I to agree that it does not do a very good job in sucking you in. "It is missing the very famous Peggle/Poker Smash/Burnout factor where the player constantly is rewarded for his actions by visual and audible cues and rewards (there is a name for this and there was a great article about it in Edge around a year ago, but at the moment I cant remember it).


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Yeah, Burnout, even including Paradise has the X factor that is lost in this game.  I still think that NFS:MW could be just a demo or taste of any new Burnout they may create in the future.

I applaud you for trying something new, and out of your comfort zone.  I found that if you have a solid Burnout Takedown skill (when the Burnout games before Paradise were really hard to play), you can survive any criterion based racing game we have seen so far.

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