Played a bit of Most Wanted today- thoughts.

I gave this a try at the Play Expo. The singleplayer demo I played was only one race and a portion of the map.


The race was a checkpoint race. There's takedowns in it, but no slow-down camera for it (it got a bit tiring after a while in Paradise, anyway - especially  doing a few straight after each other). The handling is great but turning requires a little bit more effort than Paradise - you can't simply glide round any corner with ease.

The checkpoints will also allow for some more diverse single-player races (the best online races were always the checkpoint ones) as opposed to "race to this location". There's also a rotating map and navigation so you don't have to work out where you're going (I think Zombie will like the sound of that - it's more like the "closed" tracks, but without the "invisible" walls).

The police also intervened in the race, but they didn't do all that much (it's probably an early race anyway). 

Overall, the racing mechanics do seem much more solid than Paradise.

As for the exploration: There seemed to be a lot more side-of the road stuff this time round and it looks like there will be plenty to explore. Billboards are still great fun to smash, and working your way to each one is great.Unfortunately, the demo was only a portion of the map (with big red "X"s to stop you) and I couldn't bring up the full map in it to see how big it is.

Overall, I was very impressed. I'm looking forward to it's release. 


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Glad you liked it!

We still haven't found a good Pre-order deal!

I hope they put out a demo as it sounds like what you played could be put on the marketplace. It would be nice to try it before release.

We tried the Forza Horizons demo and I quite liked that.

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It did seem like a demo that could be released. They also had a multiplayer demo but as I'm getting the game anyway I didn't feel like waiting 30+ minutes to give it a go. 

Actually, "Go Online" was the only option in the easydrive menu in singleplayer, but in the one I played that just restarted the demo, so that suggests that there could be a demo with online.

I also tried Forza Horizons. At the start it was better than expected, but once I got into the better car I wasn't too keen on it - not my kind of handling. The plane race was pretty cool, though.

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Here's my quick review here.


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