Is anyone racing anymore?

Burnout revenge comes back online and I see very few rooms open. Does anyone race anymore? Or should I switch to Forza. yuck.........Aaaaggghh?? We had a good long run with Revenge but it must be time for something new. Anyone know what the next good racing game is, or what we can expect???


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Although I haven't been on much lately.

NFS:MW is the next one coming up. We will definitely give that a go..... but I will always come back to Revenge, at least until the next proper Burnout game comes out!

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forza ? wtf are you crazy ? maybe if you were on about the new forza horizon but none of the others lol .... im gold again now so i should be on racing more .... had a few good races today so you cant complain .... evil one is back :D

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Sunday Drivers club, lol we all got our hats on....

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Good races the other night.I will buy another headset on monday so I can here and speak again. I think I owe you a vertical also.

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Ever since those pesky toy cars came out and changed racing in BOP.  I'm still up for friendly races in BOP and Forza when I'm on. I'd be happy to join! Now onto this new Need for Speed that is supposedly Burnout in disguise.

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