So thought's on NFS:Most Wanted By Criterion Games.

Basically Paradise with 'real cars', slightly 'wider' driving space, with a less cartoon look, and lapped races, speedo, moving map, now we just need some sorta boost lock feature to give us a slight Burnout feel? Oh, and Autolog V:2.

So thought's from you, the half a dozen of us left...?


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I can't wait to get my hands on it, hopefully we'll see it at eurogamer and get a feel for it.

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It will be there, at least according to a tweet I read the other day.

I look forward to reading some Burners hands on reviews! :)

I haven't been paying too much attention to the details, but am looking forward to playing it. I think it looks like an evolution of Paradise. With mug shots on billboards etc... lots of Paradise ideas taken to the next level.

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I stumbled across an interview by OXM the other day.

It doesn't reveal any real new stuff but still an interesting read.


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Thanks for postings the link.

It was interesting, especially what they said about feeling welcome in online games. I think the last really welcoming game was probably Burnout 3. I think smaller lobbies are key in having friendly banter amongst all of the gamers. You just can't have good conversation with too many people at the same time.

Also, that road rage really worked as a game mode in Burnout 3 took away the competitive edge that pure racing has. I don't see how focussing on asynchronousity helps to make the game more welcoming online???

I was a bit saddened about the bit where they were talking about people wanting them to remake Burnout 2, or any of their other games.

I don't think people really want remakes or pure sequels, but we do want the gameplay to be recaptured. Burnout 2 and 3 were incredible games. Why wouldn't criterion Games want to try to recapture that?

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I agree. It's all about gameplay.Theres alot of really well executed games out there that look really good and are visually stunning, but none have the feel that im looking for. I think game makers could be going for a little to realistic, when were playing a game.I want it to look real and feel like im going 300 mph..Try Burnout 2 or 3 with real cars and scenery. I wanna do 250 mph or 415 kph and still get around that hairpin curve going between oncoming traffic.

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Is that they talk about not wanting to remake the same game twice, but it looks like that is what they are doing with NFS:MW. To me it still looks like Paradise 2 in a NFS jacket.

Although I can't fully judge until I play it I guess!