joy ride 2

Looks like this may return to something closer to what we originally hoped for, No kinect and download game. More info.

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The Kinect Joy Ride was awful! Shame MS aren't going to give it away for free tho! :)

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Here's what I know about this game:

It was destined to be a free to play XBox game that everyone had.

It was free for Silver Live players, but you had better stuff if you had Gold.

All through the different "franchise reviews" - someone piped up against giving the game away for free and bypassing the all powerful retail channel.

Thus it was dead and some of the team moved on to other things.

They were given a chance of release if they cut out the F2P stuff and did it quickly for Kinect - so rather than throw away an entire development, they did.

Bizarrely, at the first E3 for Kinect, the most well received game was a hacked PC Kinect mod running Paradise. MS called us and asked us to do a quick Burnout game to be packed in the box with the Kinect. People loved driving with a pretend wheel in their hands.

We would have leapt at the chance had we not been so busy with our first crack at Need for Speed.

The whole time we made Burnout, everyone always asked us to have a crack at Need For Speed. And who could blame them - they'd just been playing "The Run."

And then we did Need for Speed, all we ever got asked was "when are you doing another Burnout."