Facebook Group - Alex responds!

The Save Burnout Revenge group has had a phone call and emails and now comments from Alex Ward. Thanking them for their efforts to save the servers, here (in our default font, which I hope is nice enough) is the summary email and further comments:

Message just receved from alex ward.

Dear Nicola and Mark,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you personally.

To summarise:

1. Thank you for bringing the letters to us personally at Criterion in Guildford. I know it was a huge effort and that you put in the time and effort to make it happen. If I had been here, I would have given you a tour.

2. We hear you loud and clear about your frustration with the Revenge server being de-activated.

3. We are massive Burnout fans too - being the people who made it. Although I really think you should reconsider playing Burnout Crash again on 360 or iPad. It encapsulates more about what we always wanted to do with the concept more than anything else.

4. I will personally look into the server problem and take a look at the actual statistics for you and your "Crashers' group.

Regards and thanks for being Burnout fans


Then this was in response to some of the groups comments:

Alex Ward Hmm - as someone who spent the last 12 years of their life working on Burnout, I can exclusively reveal that I don't hate any of them. I love B1 for the courses, B2 for the tracks and the music going louder, B3 I like all of it, Revenge for the speed, Paradise for the Freeburn Challenges, and Crash for the music. Desert Island Burnout - I guess it would be B3.

Burnout 3 would be my Desert Island Burnout too.... that would be my island paradise. :)


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Im glad you added this here .... because for some silly reason my request to join that particular group keeps getting declined :(

Well if this is genuine (i hope it is) then this is good news .... what worries me is though did'nt they look into this before they turned the game of ?

Zombietron plz keep me updated wont you ?

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Alex Posted this about the numbers of players:

Alex Ward - Just got some data back from our Server folks. Looks like average number of users per day was 60 between Jan and April. Once a game decreases to a really low level like that then the game gets retired. On the final day - April 13th - there was 160...

An average of 60 a day seems pretty good to me, that's 10 full rooms a day! I would like to see more stats, like how many unique gamer tags played in the final 3 months, how many copies were sold on the marketplace, and how long on average per day were those 60 gamers playing for?

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The Save Burnout Revenge Facebook group got a little heated today, one commenter mentioned that Paradise doesn't have many players online.... which was met by this response from Alex Ward:

Alex Ward - Paradise still has thousands of players every day. We added 1m new players when the gave was given away to PSN Plus subscribers. Brenda, I think its worth giving Freeburn Challenges a try - exactly the same social friends based play you experienced with Revenge Crashing online. I think you have missed out on some great play there.

Then there was some swearing... and Alex left the building. Sadly, the ugly, negative element of the Revenge community may have ruined this connection with Criterion Games for the rest of us... anyways, my reaction to the above quote from Alex...

I haven't played Paradise on Xbox Live for a very long time, nobody I know has (at least until the Revenge servers closed down and they wanted to find something to fill the void)... Alex mentions PSN in his post, which I think is very telling. If I didn't have Xbox Live and only had PSN, I would probably be playing Paradise too!!!

Ofcourse if you give the game away for free, people are going to play it for a while, and where they don't have any other Burnout alternatives, what else should they play???

I am really curious about the Xbox Live stats for Paradise now. We posted the stats from 360 voice, and there is only twice as many playing Paradise then Revenge at most.

In my opinion, you can not use Playstation stats when comparing the online for Paradise against that for Revenge. Is Alex including PC Paradise players as well?

I'm tempted to put Paradise on, just to see how many rooms are available... I will post again with my findings! :)

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around 80 online that I counted, in 18 lobbies... however, ALL unranked player matches doing free burn online or challenges. Nobody is racing on Paradise on Xbox Live as far as I can tell.

In the time of writing this, the available lobbies has dropped to 13.

Ofcourse doing a lobby count doesn't include private games and full rooms, so the actual figures could be a lot higher (or at least a little higher).

But, it does go to show that people are still playing Paradise.... I am just a bit baffled as to why? Maybe they are all noobs and just working on getting their chievos! :)

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I also read in the group that people were swearing but I havent done or seen this my self. I miss revenge very much and am finding my self playing SSX and Split/Second. I already beat paradise but I might go back to it but I don't know what I would do just drive around? 

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

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I still have loads of motorbike road rules, events and challenges, and I have barely touched the surface of the island.

There are lots of things that stop me from wanting to play Paradise, open world really isn't my thing... but it did feel productive getting some bike stuff done yesterday, so I will go back and do more.... probably will complete it eventually.

Once it's completed tho, I wouldn't have any motivation to play it again.

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Let me make this absolutely clear. CRASH is not a burnout game. Burnout is a RACING game. OK. A RACING game. 

People who play crash are just supporting the spurious efforts of the developers who are seeking a way to dissuade us from keeping the requirement for a new racer on everyones lips.



You know you want it!!!

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I look at Crash the same way I look at Paradise.

Neither are traditional Burnout games but if you take them for what they are instead of trying to compare them to the rest of the series, they're pretty fun.

I don't know what, if anything, they've done to it but Crash is especially fun on the iPad. I don't know if they made changes to the game or if it is just better suited to that platform but I'm finding that version much more enjoyable.

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Well. way more then 50... but, on my recent players list for the last 3 days, I have played with 50 different players on Burnout Revenge.

Although at times there have been no rooms available when I have switched on, when I create a room I haven't had to wait long for people to join and there have been lots of new gamers as well as a few old ones!

This whole incident with the servers has reignited my passion for battle racing, I am really enjoying playing Revenge again.

Hope to see you online soon! :)