Where does Burnout go from here?

I know I am eagerly awaiting an announcement from Criterion Games, to hear a new Burnout is on its way!

However, I am also painfully aware that the series has not gone in the direction I would have wanted it to go in. And any announcement now will not please ALL BurnoutAholics.

There are now two very different types of Burner. The old skool Burner who thrives in closed track battle racing environments and the new comers who want to pull stunts and explore open worlds.

So where does the series go from here?

We have deduced from the job ads that Criterion Games are probably working on an open world racing game. This makes me think the new comers will be happier then us old timers.

But, will it be Paradise 2 or something completely different?

Can Criterion Games reinvent Burnout again? Can they go back to the roots of Burnout in an open world environment?

If it is going to be another open world Burnout, what form would you like it to take? How could it work to make all of us happy?


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An open world doesn't have to be bad.

Hot pursuit had mostly closed circuit races inside an open world. You could explore the world or do a 1 vs 1 chase, but most of the game had those nice big burnout style arrows in the turns.

And even though paradise wasn't my favourite, doing the freeburn challenges online was quite fun. If i have to wait for a game, i also prefer hanging out in an open world rather than waiting in a lobby.

So just mix hot pursuit with paradise, and you've got a modern game that has the ability to sort of please both groups. Add in a bit of burnout revenge/takedown and its great.

Closed tracks
Open world events
online challenges

Btw a south african website allowed preorders for NFS Most wanted 2. Now just hope black rock or some other studio makes that one...


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I do get really nervous when racing games announce they are going to be open world. To me, an open world environment is not conducive with fast racing.

I do agree tho, that you can have an open world within a racing game, as long as the race tracks are closed off and the open world is only used for other events and free roaming.

For me, running away from the cops in an open city is NOT racing. Not to say that it's not fun, but we really don't have enough arcade racing games that truly are arcade racing games.

I think it is possible to find a balance, but I also worry that by trying to find that balance you end up putting too many elements into the game so it ends up not knowing what kind of game it is meant to be.... kind of like Paradise.

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I agree that if the races them selves were closed tracks within the free roaming map the game would be so much better! I don't want to watch the road and then have to glare at the and then back at the road watching my self head straight into oncoming traffic. I prefer a set track already in place and with an open world map imagine the possibilities! If I were able to pay to have another arcade racing game made I would make it like Burnout revenge and have a free roam but I would give the player to decide if they want to free roam or not. Just like Need for speed Underground 2. I would like to have the same feel as revenge though because that was and is the best by far! what do you think?

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)