What are you playing now?

I was given Ridge Racer Unbounded as a birthday present, as my birthday was the same day as the Revenge server close down, I figured I should ask for a potential replacement.

I have tried it, but find it quite difficult and unforgiving. But, as it does have takedowns (frags) and big jumps, ways to earn power (or boost), and as it feels a bit Revengey in attitude, it could be a good game to play while we wait for news about a new Burnout title.

I know some Revengers are playing Split/Second or blur, both of which I thought were OK. Others are playing Hot Pursuit, which again is OK... but I really only like the full weapon racing on that. I was playing NFS: The Run before we heard about the shut down and I refocused on Revenge for a while.

I have also dabbled with Driver.

All of them have something, but none of them really hit the spot that early Burnouts hit when it comes to arcade racing.

What games will you be playing now that Revenge has gone offline?


Don EMJAY's picture

Burnout Revenge.

You know you want it!!!

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Can't you read this line?

"What games will you be playing now that Revenge has gone offline?"

ZombieTron's picture

So, yeah although it was gone... as it's back, I am now mostly playing Burnout Revenge!! and long may it last!!