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We did a bit of a twitter campaign to try to #SaveBurnoutRevenge. It obviously didn't work, and we didn't get any official responses from @CriterionGames, but we did get some positive support from a couple of guys who no longer work for Criterion, but did work on Burnout Revenge.

Here are the tweets:

@IainAngus: I worked on this game and will be very sorry to see it switched off.

@Fortress_Craft: That sucks, Why not release the server code and allow people to run it. We sweated blood on the network version of that game...

I also tweeted @EA_ActionMan asking to turn the servers back on, his reply was: I can't help with that :(

I am pretty disappointed that Criterion Games haven't done a so long, and thanks for all the races type post on their blog, or twitter feed. I would still appreciate some kind of official statement about the close down.


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I TWEETED LIKE CRAZY :( but got no where ..... I feel lost :(