My Monday Musing

This may or may not be shown on Inside Xbox in the UK:

EA are closing the servers for Burnout Revenge on the 13th of April 2012.

Almost two years since we lost the ability to play Burnout 3: Takedown online with the close of Original Xbox Live, we are now losing its sequel.

Burnout Revenge is a unique experience on Xbox Live. No other racing game shares its adrenalin fuelled furiosity. No other game has anything like its crash mode. No other game has had me hooked for over 6 years.

Many friends have been made, romances have blossomed and nemeses have been created in its 6 player lobbies, relationships forged over years of battling for takedowns, lap times and high scores.

The Burnout community hasn’t kept its love for the game just on Xbox, we have spread to fan sites on the web and groups on Facebook. We have met up in real life and had some great parties together throughout the years.

We might be a small community compared to the big FPS titles, but we are all passionate about Burnout on Xbox Live and the loss of the Burnout Revenge servers will be felt across the globe.

RIP Burnout Revenge



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Sadly as Inside Xbox is no more, they will not publish my retraction, so I am posting it here:

My last Monday Musing has proved to be premature. Although the burnout Revenge servers were turned off, they have since been turned back on again! Burnout Revenge has not been laid to rest just yet!

Thanks to the Burnout community for not letting the game die a silent death, it has been resurrected!

Also, (because otherwise this musing would be too short) in response to last weeks Monday Musing. There is an option to turn Voice Volume to zero, you are not forced to listen to in-game chat... although really, what's the point of playing online if you aren't going to be social about it?

...and my name (well, gamer tag) is ZombieTron