Burnout Forever!

I haven't posted in a while but I always read what everyone says so here it goes. :)

I have been playing burnout for 7 years sense the day it came out!... The day Burnout Revenge is down will be one of the saddest days I will never forget. To my best friends I made on Revenge to the rivals I made. To all the Burners I will always cherish the races and moments we had. I love this game to death and I don't want to see it end. I might not always be on it daily but I will always be playing it when I do have time. I always imagined that I would grow old and die with a controller in my hand with Burnout in the console. (Just a thought though.)
I will miss all of my friends from the Original Release date on the big black box to everyone I met along the way! They are all my friends and even though we all had fights along the way. Family is Family and one thing we will always have together is Burnout! They might take away our online playing time together but they will never take away our memories from us! To all you Burnout Burners out there, I salute you! I love all of you and you'll forever be remembered in my life as amazing people! I hope to see my Burnout friends all again another good Burnout game! -
Sincerely - Hyperion118, L1LDRUMM3RB0Y, Hyper xGTx, Sonic STX, and Xedec! for all of my friends who new me as either of These.