The Great Forum Experiment

A while back I did a little experiment with our forums and added a couple of forums for non-burnout games. 

They were not exactly a success.

In fact our whole forum section (if not the website, but lets not go there) has died a bit of a slow death.

So, I just want to get your input...

Should we keep the forums? Or should I ditch them altogether and just archive the posts we already have for posterity?

Or, should we soldier on and keep the forums, even though nobody ever really posts in them?

Should I ditch the non-burnout forums?

What's your opinion?


umopapisdnpuaq's picture

It's all these casual posters now. It used to be a new forum would come out and people would post in it for months before it got a bit quieter, now everyone casual posts stuff on twitter/facebook/tumblr so the conversations are all light and brief. The hardcore posters are being left behind.

Hmm, not quite as satirical as I'd hoped :) If all you're doing is stopping spambots you could make them read only until the next proper Burnout Game comes out.

Burnout 3 vids a plenty -