The Blame Game

I'm feeling a little guilty about not playing Revenge enough to justify the servers staying open. I wouldn't say I ever moved on from it, but I did try the new release arcade racing games to see if I could get into them. I did play Paradise for a while and most recently killed some hours on Burnout Crash!

In that time I would jump back to Burnout Revenge every now and then and that made me remember one of the reasons why I don't play it as much as I would like to.

Getting kicked sucks!

Getting blamed for slowing down a room when you are over a mile behind for getting severe pringles sucks!

Getting called out for lagging sucks!

... maybe if the hardcore hosters had of been a little more welcoming to the many new players who tried playing online, the numbers wouldn't have fallen into EA's server shut down sites.

We've heard rumours about EA possibly u-turning the decision, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that these rumours are true. If they are, and the servers get a stay of execution, we all need to be better about playing together... or we will run the risk of losing the game in the next server cull.