Where everybody knows your name...

We are all poorly sick so have been at home mostly watching TV and sleeping. We watched some episodes of Cheers. I really love the theme song and it reminds me of how I felt playing Burnout 3: Takedown over Xbox Live.

Everybody knew my name and they were always glad I came, it was a getaway.... and I really miss it.

Jumping from room to room making friends and rivals, we had a thriving little community going... I miss you old Burners!

Where are you now?

Right now, I'm a part time gamer, if I'm playing it's on NFS: The Run. I haven't played Burnout in 2012 yet! I need to rectify that with a Revenge session soon!

There is lots of activity over at Criterion Games, they are organizing a student open day and are busy hiring people with open world racer experience.... I'm sure it will be an NFS title as opposed to a Burnout one, either way, I am looking forward to finding out more.

If you go to the open day, let us know all the goss! :)


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right me lady .... get your bum on burnout and come an race us ..... theres always a room going and everyone on there knows you and knows who you are ..... how about it ?

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OK, so I took the plunge and hopped on Revenge again. At first joining Cary, but they seemed like they were just chatting for a while and still kicking dots, so I went to see what other room were around.

Joined badkeith (or was is bigkeith) anyway, more like badloser! Again, with the dot kicking, and oh so upset about me being a mile behind and him not being able to get any boost.

So, off I go to host my own room (thanks for the advice keith), I let dots play, and had a good few races, then Suffur came online and we had some good battles... 377 on the nemesis count.

I will be on a LOT more between now and April 13th, I need to make up for lost time!