Masters of CRASH! - Jack of all trades

This leaderboard is calulated by adding the scores from all the crash junctions. This gives the best indication of the overall skill level for a given player. Please note that "Score completion" indicates how many of the 54 possible scores have been registered on by the given member.

Number 1 after 30 days will be crowned the Master of CRASH! Photographic evidence will be required for random levels for the final result to be valid. So no cheating will be accepted!

Rank Name Score completion Score
8Miss Dosey100%5497460750
14buzz blade100%2668884955

Average: 4.8 (4 votes)



Welcoming faces old and new!

Welcome to the leaderboards!

I'm glad somebody can give Xandu and Suffur a run for their money. I was worried that the crown would stay in house, but it looks like OveReAction is gonna take some beating, being over a billion points above the rest!

Good to see some old faces joining in the ruck too, welcome back to the site buzz blade! :)

And with our latest new member being an old face to the community, hopefully we will have more than a top 6 soon too!

Get your scores uploaded Monkey!! smiley


I'm happy more people are joining the competition

I'm really happy more people are joining the competition. I see that I have to work on improving my score on the last couple of events to be able to compete with OveReAction. There is still more than 3 weeks to go until we crown the first Master of CRASH so there is lots of time to improve. I hope to see lots more entries into the competition in the coming days. Tell your friends! And remember that this comepetition is for both PS3 and XBOX 360 so you are all welcome to join!

-- The Creator --


Ultimate Burnout Fan speaking...

Hey. Nice to see I'm on the top. Of course, Burnout is my all-time favorite racing series. I can do whatever I can to get high scores in CRASH!. Now I wonder what the prize will be.....


Finally got the full game!

Hey everyone :)


I finally got the full game 40 minutes ago, I have to keep telling myself to be happy with a score and move on, it always feels like you can do better which is very addictive.


The leaderboard looks like fun, so Mrs Zombie, looks like you're my first competitor to overtake, no giggling!


Do I have to cluck when doing the egg laying using kinect?


The site looks fantastic by the way Xandu, it has admittedly been a while since I've logged on here.

Giraffe are under-rated.


28 stars to go...

I now have 28 stars left to get. Will start working on my scores once that is done. Just played the game for an hour and got a new all time high on Pile Up. 233 000 000+. Pretty much every thing blown up at 5x. Only thing that was left was one sports car that was crashed but not blown up.

-- The Creator --


Wow, 6,500,000,000 points

Seems like I have to start working on my score now. I've got a couple around 300,000,000 but need more to be able to compete with the top. Got all the stars now btw smiley

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$7 Billion

Congratulations to OveReAction for breaking the 7 billion barrier. How much further is it possible to go? 8 billion anyone?

-- The Creator --


WooHoo in the Top 5!

I just updated my scores, and as I finally figured out how to play Pile Up a bit better, I am now in the Top 5!

Yay! yes

Still got a couple of pile ups to complete the game, and then I will go back one more time to try to improve my scores and get all of those pesky stars.


179 tries

On Roswell & 3rd, and still not got those skill dunk shots!lol

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?


Dunk skillshots

Have you tried blasting parked ones near the orange drums on the upper left corner?


yeah for the

first hundred tries, lol, i went left to right, the right to left, then middle to right, i'll still work on it, lol. Still got 14 Stars to go or so.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?


Corrupt profile

Sadly I've pulled out of this competition, my profile corrupted again a week back and on redownloading it, it reformatted my memory unit wiping every bit of save data I had for the last 3 months :(


If you want any tips on stars for levels, you're welcome to give me a shout and I'll do the best I can to tell you how I got them.

Giraffe are under-rated.


with a restart

at least u'll do it in less tries and also it you can get back up there in less than 7days and 11 hours and something minutes, lol

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?


Lol,   Interestingly it



Interestingly it doesn't actually wipe the leaderboard side of things, just all of your cars, stars and levels. If this happened a few months ago then I'lld have probably just done it all over again. But there are just way too many other epic games coming out/are already out that I want to play;


Sims 3: Pets

Batman Arkham City

Tropico 4

Battlefield 3 (Can't wait to crash my first jet into the side of a hill.)


Saints Row the 3rd.

Plus I'm just finishing off Driver: San Fransisco (amazingly fun online game btw) and of course there is my Uber addiction to Minecraft on the P.C. which I am so hyped to have coming out on the 360 this year too!.


So with all that fun to be had elsewhere I don't fancy doing Crash all over again, I'm happy to just accept that I would have won if I hadn't lost my save lol cheeky

Giraffe are under-rated.


We should play together sometime

I don't mean to make that sound like a cheesey chat up line, but if you are enjoying Driver:SanFran online, we should get a lobby going. smiley

We all have it now, although CRASH! means I'm not very far into the game. It's the game I will be playing next.

I lost my CRASH! save when my Xbox crashed out on me, luckily it was before I had all the cars unlocked anyway. I don't think I would be in a rush to start from scratch if I had already completed the game either.





Umm..why is the countdown increasing?


That would be great fun to

That would be great fun to play some Driver together, I really love the online, sadly its rented from LoveFIlm and will have to go back soon to be swapped for Batman Arkham City. I am thinking of buying a copy of it instead though :)

Giraffe are under-rated.