Slightly New Forums!

We haven't gone completely crazy like the forums, but the latest update has brought some slight changes.

There is a clear key to what the symbols next to the posts mean at the bottom of each page.

The navigation is clearer... I can't remember what it looked like before, but as it was the first thing I noticed when I saw the new forum, I figured it must be clearer than it was.

I'm mostly making this post as a test.

Hope you enjoy the changes! This is your site as much as it is ours, so let us know what you think of the changes. :)

ZombieTron's picture

Along with the full face lift of the site, the forums required a face lift too. The old format of having our avatar pics on the left hand side really wasn't working with the new site layout.

So, now we have a top banner instead. l think it seperates the posts nicely. Looks much better this morning then it did last night anyway.

Still a few little tweaks to make before it's perfect! yes