Need For Speed: World? New "Black"?

Ok, well first of all, its been AGES that I logged on here, and I learned about this game a while back, but I forgot to tell you guys about it. There's a new NFS game called NFS: World which is an online only game according to what I've heard about it. It looks pretty much like an online version of Most Wanted, BUT im not sure who it's being dveloped by. If anyone knows, please write it below.

    Also, I was reading a magazine a couple weeks ago and there was an article about a game going to be released called "Bodycount". It's based on Criterions "Black", but is NOT "Black 2" as it states that was cancelled a few years ago. Also, it's being developed by "In-House".

Well, I hope that was pretty interesting because that's all I've got right now!

PS:I finally got a console!!!(Xbox)

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I have moved this to our non-burnout forum, as it's non-burnout related... OK now to reply proper...

We read about Bodycount in a recent edition of EDGE magazine that we got (April 2010, probably the same article you read too!). It sounds pretty interesting, definitely one to look out for. EDGE made big comparisons between Bodycount and BLACK in their article.

NFS: World is a PC exclusive MMO in development by Black Box and EA Singapore. I guess it will be good if you like playing on PC. Personally I will be giving it a miss as I am only an Xbox gamer right now. I haven't heard a whole lot about it, and TBH I'm not sure if I like the sound of an MMO driving/racing game.

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hmm... i dont think i really like the sound of a racing mmo, i might just stick to blur and split second for this year if they're any good...

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Both Blur and Split/Second have demos available on the Xbox 360 now, so you can try before you buy.

Neither is a perfect replacement for Burnout tho, and tbh I am currently feeling a little dissapointed with both of them. I liked the blur beta at first, and I enjoyed the Split/Second demo, but the fact that neither game has boost is a big loss for me!

Yes, you have the nitro pick up in blur, but it's really not the same as having Burnout boost!

I will still get both games as I am sure I will enjoy the offline experience, and have a few good online sessions too. I think Split/Second will probably be more enjoyable. There is only 1 car in the demo, and I hope in the full game there are cars I like better. I think the handling in Split/Second is better then the blur beta. I hope the full blur game will be better then the beta.

I'm sure I will be writing more about both games when they finally come out, and am looking forward to seeing other Burners post their reviews on this site too!

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That the Burnout 3 days have gone, Revenge is alive but on a drip feed, and well Paradise, does not give you any of the feel of the previous 2, but a fun game.

So what is left is Realism with the Forza, or the sloppy handling of Flatout, Fuel and some others, that if you put the time in become good to great games.

I am looking forward to Blur and Split/ Second (Velocity (europe)), just because everything else is older now. I have had fun with both demos, but i didn't like SS one at first, too dark, hud had changed, but got use to it, got my time down to 4:04:27, though have been beaten by Xandu and BBIJ, and i know i can do better if i can get the short cuts open on the first lap!

Test Drive has got a new one coming and i'm sure we will see a glimp's of the NFS'urnout soon as well.

Anyhew just though it maybe time to realise, that the past is past and all we got is what is coming in the future so we will see how it all pans out, fingers crossed. 

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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OK, so its been a while since I posted but have a few things on me mind. First, does anyone have any good claer and precise orthographic (top, front, side, back etc) images of the Revenge Racer??

I am looking to create an homage, but need good reference material in order to model the Revenge Racer accuratley and as detailed as possible. I have just mailed the Criterion guys, but dont think I will get any material from them as they will want to protect their assets, which is understandable.

If anyone out there has anything they think will be of use, please contact me and we can sort out a way to swap files. I use 3ds max and Maya to make my assets, so any reference will be greatly appreciated.

With the online demise of B3, I hope that Revenge gets the overhaul its needs to bring it off the drip and back into the top spot of racers. New tracks would be enough as the physics and handling are perfect. Paradise is a good game, but it has idiosincharsies that were supposed to be improvements, but left the feel of the game a little flat for me. But, thats just an opinion and not a reflection on the creativity of the Criterion guys.

So, how do we get this off the ground then?




You know you want it!!!

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 It turns out I ended up buying split second. The blur demo got old fast, which is the reason why I'll probably get it later. I like how split/second does feel a bit like the old(ish) burnouts...It's a fun game but WAY too short I completed the season in 3 days, got every achievement and completed the online ranks within the next 2 days. It just doesn't really have the replayability of Burnout, but I'd still recommend it if you need something fresh.