Auto Modellista, Xbox Live players

Am I the only one who doesn't hate this game? I'm looking for people who also play this game, so I can play it online by April 15th. My gamertag is MasquedWarrior.

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hey dude!!!!! i think, you are lost.  you are talking about another game here in the burnoutaholics website. just by looking at the name of the site, you can say it's all about burnout games..........

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The post about Auto Modellista was put in our "Not about Burnout" Forum, so it is absolutely the right place for it.

As there may never be another Burnout game, this site may slowly change to incorporate other titles. I am sure we will have a lot of news about CG's NFS game on our front page when we hear more about it. So although our beginnings were pure Burnout, we have always been open to other games, especially awesome racing games!

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sorry for being kinda rude about the posting 'n thanx ZombieTron for letting us know about your plans.....


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 having checked out the reviews, it could be that you are indeed the only person who doesn't hate this game