Which game mode do you most want to see in the next Burnout game?

14% (37 votes)
Road Rage
29% (79 votes)
Stunt Run
4% (12 votes)
Marked Man
2% (6 votes)
1% (4 votes)
Crash Junctions
14% (38 votes)
8% (22 votes)
Cops and Robbers
9% (25 votes)
Split Screen
16% (44 votes)
Other - Please Leave a Comment
3% (7 votes)
Total votes: 274



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OK there have only been 13 votes so far... but the 23% for Cops and Robbers is a surprise! I know it was the most requested game mode, but I didn't think it was that successful in it's implementation in Burnout Paradise.  In my opinion, Cops and Robbers isn't a Burnout game mode, and should probably be left to NFS:Most Wanted style games, where those are the roles in the game anyway. Having said that, I really enjoy Pursuit mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, if Criterion Games want to make a game where I am the cop hunting down the reckless driver that would be cool too. That's probably why I like Crash Time!  

I voted for Racing! I think of Burnout as a racing game 1st, so to have a core element of racing is fundamental to me. The racing in Burnout Paradise always seemed like an... oh you can race too, and not this is a racing game, but you can do other stuff too, know what I mean?

The game modes I want to see in every online enabled Burnout title are: Racing, Road Rage and Crash Junctions! These 3 elements are what Burnout online is for me. I know, I'm Old Skool! I want closed tracks too!

For Burnout Paradise 2, I would want to see Stunt Run, but probably a tweaked version, and definitely lots of Timed Challenges! These are the only 2 modes that really got me excited about playing Paradise.

If I had of put Freeburn on the list, I wonder how many votes that would have received? I don't think of that as a game mode tho!

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I wish Road Rage would be fun again. Road Rage was a blast on Burnout 3 when playing with friedns. Being on the red team was awesome, I remember a few times getting the last blue right at the finish line .


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traffic attack

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There are a few other game modes, but I consider them minor, as they were only in one previous Burnout game.

I really like Pursuit Mode from Burnout 2, the endurance survival mode from Burnout, Elimination from Burnout 3 and Revenge and Traffic Attack from Revenge too!

I'm not sure I need these modes in the next Burnout game, but I would like to see a return to Traffic Checking! Although, this was criticised when it was added in Revenge, it definitely has a lot of fun aspects! I love trying to avoid other peoples checked traffic, and throwing the odd car at my opponents!

I would certainly rather check same-way traffic, then not be able to avoid crashing into it!!! Although the skill and fun of weaving through traffic is something I miss from the earlier Burnout's more then I miss traffic checking!

Traffic Attack also led to lots of very cool car surfing clips! I would like to see a clip/video feature in the next Burnout!

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I am glad about this Poll result, as it shows that the essential element of Burnout is Battle Racing!

We have 2 new games out this year which also seem to be all about Battle Racing; Blur and Split/Second. I will try to get around to doing a bit more content about both of these games soon, as I think all of you BurnoutAholics should look out for these titles. And who knows, maybe CG's NFS which is also due out this year, will focus on Battle Racing??!!