NFS - 2010

 According to this article at Joystiq, it's due next year.

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I really hope this is true, as it will then be released the same year as Split/Second and blur giving us possibly (depending what kind of game CG's NFS is) the best Arcade Racing year for a very, very long time!!!

At least unless Split/Second or blur get any more developmental delays!!!

If it is going to be released within the next 13/14 months tho... surely they should release something a bit more solid about it by now??? concept art, or a first screen shot, or even just a sentence to give us a clue as to what direction it is heading in.

I reckon the new year may bring a new look to CG's webpage as Paradise makes way for the new NFS!  I wonder when CG started work on their NFS title? The way the article reads, it sounds like it was a while ago... so right after Paradise was done... pre-Paradise DLC??

EA Games label president Frank Gibeau said "Next year's Need for Speed has been under development now for some time at our award-winning Criterion Studio."

OOOOooo I'm so Excited!!! Can't wait to see more!!!