Burnout: Generations

by Jasman - read his blog

Jasman is one of our most active bloggers and he has now written his first official article for BurnoutAholics.com.


Screen shot from the Pre Alpha E3 Release of Burnout Paradise

I have thought for a while about the differences in the gameplay of the current 6 Burnout titles, and how they fit into an evolutionary generation-chain of 5 distinct generations of gameplay evolution, and thought I ought to write an article exploring the evolutionary ladder of the game series we all love and cherish. This article will only cover gameplay differences between the generations, as improvements in graphics and sound quality and such should be considered inconsequential when judging the playability of a game.

The release dates for the first 4 generations are the release dates for the Xbox versions of the games unless otherwise specified. Other release dates may apply for other platforms.

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Generation 1: Genesis
Generation 2: Crash-mode
Generation 3: Takedown
Generation 4: Revenge
Generation 5: Domination

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