What is your highest number of barrel rolls in Burnout Paradise?

3 or less
43% (195 votes)
17% (75 votes)
11% (49 votes)
6% (26 votes)
6% (25 votes)
4% (16 votes)
3% (15 votes)
I'm a glitcher so I've got more than 9!
11% (51 votes)
Total votes: 452


kevlar0's picture

15x glitched, 8x normal, thats not my barrel rolls, thats just me :)

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PKMAD's picture

I done a regular 6 but just landed an 18 with the glitch. Well happy :]


Battle Roll!

Battle Roll!

gravy666's picture

 I can never achieve more than three.

Dodger455's picture

I have pulled off 8 barrel rolls without glitching, 13 with the glitch, and some big flat spins.Glitching can be pretty fun until you wreck the X-Hotrod so bad that it barely moves, which leaves you little choice as what to do;either restart, or limp to a repair station at 2 mph!The cool thing that I learned about the glitch is that it works in any slow motion wreck senario.Try hitting a car on I-88 head on just hitting the e-brake at the last moment, you can get some wicked barrel rolls that way as well.I tried it when I was entering the jump into the quarry,and hit a car, and glitched my way out of it, and went sailing into the quarry sideways, and spining like crazy.Didn't land it, but it was stupid fun!I did see a 5830 degree flatspin on Utube with the Toy GT off of the dam with the glitch, check it out it was cool.


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my max is 5 with extreme hot rod in the quarry jump. any tips on how o get more?

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My max is 4 but then I don't know how to glitch them.

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my normal is 9... wit th glitch i got 12...

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8 without glitch.... 12 with it