Which view do you use in Burnout games?

Bumper Cam
15% (36 votes)
Third Person
85% (208 votes)
Total votes: 244



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There is a lot to be said about the people who play on bumpercam, These are the people who normally cause all the havoc at the start of the race and get lost more often, and have big camel like eyes for seeing things a long long way away. all in all not normal....

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

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I have had to race bumper cam for Paradise as the 3rd person is a bit off on Paradise, plus the cars bounce about way to much that it turns into a distraction, but in first person its a lot more smoother to race.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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 Have you notice how at low to mid speed when on bumper cam the image jumps ever so slightly. It's really annoying. I was trying to put a video together, and wasn't happy with the results because of it. It's not there in the original game. I think it is an enhancement to take into account the bumps in the road.

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I like to use the bumper cam on bikes, it looks, and feels more realistic, when I'm just screwing around, but in the cars if you want to see better,I use 3rd person.Using the 1st person view gets annoying after 5 mins.

Take the PCPD special on I-88 in first person, and take a lap around the whole thing at full throttle without wrecking,that takes a little concentration, but it is fun.

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...and full boost. I'm still trying to do that without wrecking at the toll gates. heh

No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

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Try your I-88 boosting at midnight, it is far easier than in the daytime. There is less traffic, and you can see them coming a mile away if your going for the oncoming record. I had 20 miles of oncoming the other night just cruising around and screwing off. It takes a few laps around to get that much, I think it is 13,000 yds around once.There is 1760 yds to a mile so you need 35,200 yds to get 20 miles.What is weird is sometimes your oncoming total just starts over without any reason, so your lucky if you get can get that much, because mine just started over after 35 and change, or it could be that i'm just doing something wrong.


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Midnight boosting dose prove to be best time, but to keep your oncoimg. You must stay in the middle of the lane when your going through those tolls. Also if you brush up to those walls for to long you may lose your oncoming  to, I'am up to about 133 miles now which i think is just over 300,000yds before i drop off to sleep and crash. lol


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hehe lol i agree