U-Turn on Re-Starts!

A little while ago when the PC demo of Burnout Paradise was announced we saw that the PC version of BP has restarts, a feature that was not included in the console version..... until now! (or soon, the 5th of Feb to be exact)

Criterion Games have today announced that restarts are coming to consoles in a FREE update on the 5th of February.

"...this overhaul to the game includes the introduction of our all-new in-game website and awesome in-game store.  We've also worked on changes to game modes, visuals, the entire vehicle dynamics system.  Oh, and we've added a restart !"

The 5th of February also sees the release of the Party Pack swiftly followed by Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on the 6th of February.



kevlar0's picture

Look's like a whole bunch of patches to me, i guess we will have to wait some more for details. not much to get excited about, and it looks like the rumours about lapped racing were a load of BS. Never mind lets hope the next "big announcement" is the constuction of the next Burnout maybe they will get it right next time.

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Segaswirl's picture

"We've also worked on changes to game modes, visuals, the entire vehicle dynamics system".

I'm intrigued... could I finally be getting the takedown fix i've been wanting since the game launched? I don't think it needs it's visuals changed in any way though, it's still one of the best looking games out there.

As for restarts, I think most of the people that were crying about those stopped playing the game a long time ago. Then again I suppose Criterion don't want a new wave of tears when the PC version hits (which i'll be buying).