Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

63% (49 votes)
22% (17 votes)
I don't do Christmas
15% (12 votes)
Total votes: 78



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I got Mirror's Edge which I am looking forward to trying! and I got Crash Time too... the first one! I know it is not exactly cutting edge but I really enjoyed the demo and am sure I will enjoy the game too!  I might even write reviews of both of these titles after I have cracked the plastic seals and given them a spin.

My favourite present was a painting from my Mum, she painted it herself and it is just lovely! so YES! I got what I wanted for christmas, and I hope you all did too!

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I don't do xmas, actually. My honest opinion is that it's become too commercial and the spirit of it has gone the way of the dodo. So I'm a bit of "bah, humbug" this time of year.

The last several years the deal of pressies has been that around December (which can be from November to February) hubby and me decide on a biggish thing that we'd like, and get it. No wrapping, no secrets, just a joint project. We're not giving (nor receiving), as per agreement, pressies from parents or inlaws, nor from brothers or other family. Suits me fine.

Xmas was this year spent with the inlaws in Holland, and was really really low-key. The 24th, which is the BIG day in Denmark, I spent reading The Stand by Stephen King, as well as doing some shopping for computer stuff with my brother-in-law (he just earned himself his first computer on the 18th), and the 25th was spent with some aunts of my hubby's. Very lowkey and actually quite nice. Nothing too xmassy about it, just nice and comfy.

Oh, and it's not xmas without snow anyway, so... some people see me actually get in the mood for xmas around January or February, if we have snow. So sue me. I still mainly go for the spirit and the winter solstice stuff. Must be my Viking blood



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i'm a bit old for christmas so after getting my daughter presents i just get money from relatives and buy what i want

so i got a new wd scorpio 320gb hdd for the ps3, a new controller, pain, crash commando, soldner x, mirros edge, sonic unleashed, saints row 2, cod world at war and LBP

and from other friends i got after shave, same i got the sam from each lol now i have 5 bottles

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I got the Ear Force X4 headset so I'm very happy

Also got Fable 2 (completed main story) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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-- The Creator --

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The next best thing other than a new burnout that is good. I got my liscence!! Then i got a car (Audi A4) Dark blue. So yeah thats almost as awesome as getting a new burnout now i can be a real burner at least ;0

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I got the earforce x3 really love them for cod 4, 250gb hard drive for my laptop, midnight club la got that a bit early. A new burnout paradise since my other one broke Pretty go time ate loads of food

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i got fable 2 also.....i havent completed it yet....but im loving it.....:p

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Completed it both good and evil characters and Eezo found me online drunk somewhat and dived in this river I was stuck in, then donated 5 million to me out of the kindness of his heart, bless him

--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

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This Christmas was ok... didnt really need anything in particular, so got giftcards in the process....


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Multiple bloodclots on my kidneys, spleen, colon and most of my lower body, and they bloody hurt, I'd like to thank all the people who sent me get well soon messages they did help, i'm on the road to recovery, thanks to the quick thinking of the doctors and all the staff who looked after me, and a very big thanks to the kind nurses who kept me off my face on mophine for a week so i didn't feel any pain.

hope to see you all online soon xxx kev

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Take it easy Kev as I know you will, Miss Stella will be there on your return dude.  Why didnt someone tell me what you were going through man? Having Morphine on tap is a delightful and magical thing I know, tried to escape the hospital with an oxygen bottle thingy attached for a smoke but was told later I would likely have exploded lighting up, but sacrifice a smoke? 

  --Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

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omfg kev when suf said you were sick i didnt expect you to be this sick.....i had a suspected bloodclot on my lung several years ago and man it hurt like tihs....turned out to be TB....so yeah i kinda know how much pain you are in right now.....hopefully well speak soon untill then rest relax and enjoy them free drugs.....man you have to thank the NHS for the free drugs.....lol....morphine is awesome......especially when you are in pain :p

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Daniel clark

christmas is a family thing mostly my younger sons while i was at work they gatherd up 50 old games that i didnt play or seldom played and traded them in for 2 new ones that they thought i would like or may be it was the other way around any why its all good im glad to have 2 good boys

Daniel clark