Big Surf Island - A Stunt Runner's Paradise!

For the first time since May 2008 Criterion Games has released new information, screens and video of Big Surf Island.

The Burnout Team has been watching you! They have taken telemetry from Burnout Paradise. They have seen that we play at the Airfield, Quarry, Dam and the Beach. Now, Big Surf Island will be our new playground. They have seen that we like big jumps, so the Island will have the biggest jumps in the game.

For the first time Criterion Games have shown us the other side of the Island. It has a tropical feel, with palm trees and dirt roads.

For all of the details check out the news at and Crash TV 15 for the video footage.

As the Island is much bigger then at first anticipated, it will be paid for premium content. We do not yet know how much this will cost.




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Me thinks this is probably the worst decision  those greedy men at criterion have made. There will be a split in the community. All the (really want to put a big swearword here but i won't) fanboys (Zerobrownnosejay) and the rest of the sheep are now saying that the boys from the doghouse never said it was going to be free, but it was clearly stated on many occasions that the island was going to be gratis, so the truth be known the only thing we have gotten free was the bikes and a couple of cars (which tbh aren't worth a knaw), the rest of the DLC should have been on the half finished disc released in January.

And of coarse all the fanboy tosspots are whooping with joy at the thought of paying for it.

Shame on you Criterion.

He's not the messiah, he's a very angry boy.

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But paying for a Map will split the online community, and I am concerned about how it will work due to the nature of the game.

In Rainbow 6 and other FPS's you select the map you are going to play on, so even if you have bought a map pack which I have not bought we can still play the game together on the maps we both have.

With Paradise, if I buy the island, I will have a extended playing area from loading the game, so if you don't have the island will we be able to play online together at all??

There are still questions.

Personally I think it would have been a better plan to sell the Bike Pack. As Bikes and Cars can't play in the same lobby together anyway it wouldn't have split the community, we would still all be able to play together just by choosing to use the cars. 

But, as we don't know how the Island is going to work online with non-islanders, we will have to wait and see.

The Island does look cool as an extension to Burnout Paradise, and I'm sure it will be worth the download fee for Paradise fans.

edit: I think how it should work online is for those with the island to have a road block on the bridge when they are playing with people who don't have the island. I think that would work.

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This won't be more than 1200 points, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was as low as 800. I honestly think something else is up your butt currently because you're going to buy this anyway. That, or you were already smashed when you heard about the news. We all love this game so much we would of payed them for all of the content packs (and likely will, except the Party one).

Criterion's original plan was to do Cagney, Bikes, and Island as a part of their "Year of Paradise". As they said in CrashTV 15, they made a crap load more stuff than they thought they were going to, including stuff on the island, and they decided that instead of putting out a half assed island and moving on full force to their next project they would continue to support Paradise with all the crazy/genius stuff they're coming up with. Due to this decision, they have to make money some how, and I don't blame them.

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After all these updates Paradise is still a horribly broken racing game... I'd prefer it if they didn't spend any more time on it. Maybe they'll have better luck next game, y'know?

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Unfortunately Frozen I think Criterion Games are no longer interested in making racing games. The words "race" and "racing" were not mentioned once in the podcast about the island. And although the dirt road/palm tree pic looks like it has racing curbs, I don't think the island has been made for racing from what we have seen so far.

The words "drive" and "driving" were mentioned in the podcast. Paradise is a driving game, and the island looks like it adds to that very nicely.

I would love for CG to make an out-n-out racing game again, but I think they have lost interest in racing if Burnout Paradise is anything to go by.

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Vapor is right..... No amount of cars, updates, or Islands will fix Paradise..

And if Zombie is right about Criterion not interested in making "racing games".... Wow!! I guess their fans will be looking to buy other racing games instead and soon this site will be called Something Else.... Midnight ClubAholics as an example....

Maybe Rofer will create a decent racing game at some point in his career. Well all get into it and we can call this Roferaholics.....


"I Have Loved. I Have Suffered. Now, I Hate."

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).

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We have joked about changing the name of the site, but it wont be happening!

We are BurnoutAholics!

Paradise may have split the Burnout community more than any of the previous titles, but each game has it's merits, and Paradise is a great game, just not a great racing game.

MC:LA does give me that old rush of adrenalin, but nobody on my friends list seems to be playing it much? maybe it will pick up.. I know there are a lot of new quality titles out at the moment.

And I could be wrong about CG, but is does feel like the emphasis and direction they are taking is not one of racing.

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 I'm still gonna try out Burnout Paradise in hopes that I will begin to like it more.  That new island has really piqued my interest.

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"fanboys (Zerobrownnosejay) and the rest of the sheep are now saying that the boys from the doghouse never said it was going to be free"

Show me where I ever said that. I give you enough reasons to be jealous and to hate me without you needing to put words into my mouth.

They told us all it was going to be free and they changed their minds. I never said otherwise. You can even look back at that Burnout Updates thread that I had and you could see that I had it marked down as being free.

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smoggy bog wank

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

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I remember argueing with zerojay like a year ago. I guess he still loves paradise just as much as i hate it.

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Ive been on a few sites and it does seem that were not entirely alone on this one Rofer, there is loads of people that ive interacted with on other forums who share the same dislike of the game.....''hooray'' were not alone lmao i was going to divert them over here to prove a point, but i know Xandu and i know Zombietron and with that comes respect so i felt it slightly inappropriate.

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As long as they are HUGE FANS of the other Burnout titles they are welcome here!

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omg zombie dear that would be catastrophic...[is that spelt right?] lol anyway yeah these people do love Burnout games on a serious level, but the points and opinions that these guys carry with them, could be quite harsh so im just going to let them rant it out elsewhere. I actually prefer it myself lol because i dont get the chance to gals the game of in here like i really would like to, through to the respect i hold for you and Xandu and all your hard work, so its really cool that i get the opportunity to do it else where so im not offending any of my friends. Does that make sense? i think people are entitled to there opinions and i also think there are certain ways to do things and i dont think a bunch of people coming here saying what they really feel or dislike about Paradise will change anything, except peoples friends and i more than anyone dont want that. And besides the way ive seen Alex and Zeroay cry in here over insults...lolol to tell you the truth i dont think that theyd be able to handle it.

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hey paula. you should see the abuse zombie gets on the road cru site, top hard guys on that site. esp yabbas turd, hes a propper hard man.

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

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The worst was Logan over at the doghouse, Operation Burnout's forum hasn't been abuse free either, but it's nothing new.. there was tons of abuse posted over at the Xbox Revenge boards too (although not directed at me, thankfully!).

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I know some of the FanBoy's and Elitist PS3'ers do to jump to defend, they are doing what they want, because they found a place to play, and some of peoples mouth need some serious soaping, considering the age of some of them, the way life is with game play of games.

Revenge is still played, while i just dip into Paradise, and got into MCLA now, but racing games have now left a sour taste in my mouth.

So why fight over something, that has now been taken from us, we are the community, they are the community, there is another one over there, say hi and move on, this stuff is just turning into media hype for something, that does not really need it. And children should be seen, not heard, and there is a reason for that, lots of less slapped kids, crying everywhere;).

And isn't NXE slow? I like it but, loading times again, even with my connection, can I defrag my 360? lol.

Blind faith is good, but switch on a light and see the truth, yep your standing in something! Better turn off that light and pretend again? LOL!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Why'd you edit your post up Kev?? I like reading all the trash talk people put up here....

And what is this road cru site you are talking about? I wanna bash someone there too... Fanboys and Haters alike......


"I Have Loved. I Have Suffered. Now, I Hate."

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).

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Thanks Kev. Although your edited version isn't as entertaining, it is less likely to offend (hopefully).

I'm going to lock comments on here now as it has gone off topic and this is a front page story.

If you want to discuss the Island there is a forum post open, or feel free to blog.

Thanks for your comments.