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New featured Article: Nero Angelo's Guide to Maintaining Speed

There has been a lot of talk about Burnout Paradise lately but today we have a new featured article called Nero Angelo's Guide to Maintaining Speed written by One Incognito explaining how to maintain your speed in Burnout Revenge. The online community in Burnout Revenge is still very active and lots of BurnoutAholics are regularly hosting races.  

Burnout Revenge

The article was originally written as a blog but has now been taken into our Featured Articles section. If you want to become a faster racer in Burnout Revenge this article is a good place to start. It might also be helpful to have a look at FrozenVapor's drift jumping guide and The Art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7.

Paradise on Earth

On the 23rd of January 2008 at 17:55 CET, I walk nervously into a console shop in my hometown of Bergen, Norway. The game’s not to be released in another two days, but it can’t hurt looking, can it? I push past the other customers and make my way to the Xbox 360 section. With anxiety my eyes start scanning the aisle for something recognizable, not really expecting to find it. Suddenly, my heart stops. There it was, standing on a shelf right in front of me, two days early, Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360. I put a blind eye to the steep Norwegian price (NOK 599 – approx. £56), and walk out of the store at 17:59 CET with my fresh copy of what I had unyielding faith would be the best racing game of all time.

Burnout Paradise - Racing in Paradise City


Burnout 3: Takedown a Blast from the Past!

Burnout 3: Takedown is coming to XBox Originals on Monday 14th of January 2008. The game will cost 1200 Microsoft points and includes all the original features. Some of you might have heard rumors about the Burnout 3 servers being shutdown. This is not true they are live and kicking.

To celebrate the release I have finally completed Part 3 of the "A blast from the past" series. You can read our article about Burnout 3: Takedown here. This will hopefully be interesting to both new and old BurnoutAholics.

Comments have been disabled on the articles and any discussions should be done in this story.

Burnout 3 Takedown


Burnout: Generations

by Jasman - read his blog

Jasman is one of our most active bloggers and he has now written his first official article for BurnoutAholics.com.


Screen shot from the Pre Alpha E3 Release of Burnout Paradise

I have thought for a while about the differences in the gameplay of the current 6 Burnout titles, and how they fit into an evolutionary generation-chain of 5 distinct generations of gameplay evolution, and thought I ought to write an article exploring the evolutionary ladder of the game series we all love and cherish. This article will only cover gameplay differences between the generations, as improvements in graphics and sound quality and such should be considered inconsequential when judging the playability of a game.

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