NFS:MW My First Impressions

Yesterday, NFS:MW got it's debut at E3. The trailer looks sweet, music from the Prodigy and action that gets me smiling.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trailer

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Debut

However, looking more into the gameplay, it does look as though this iteration of Most Wanted has more in common with Burnout Paradise, then with the original from the Need for Speed series.  

In this video about the multiplayer, Craig Sullivan talks about dicking about with your friends, collectibles, road rules and if you can see it you can drive it. Basically the same script used when they were talking about Burnout Paradise.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Multiplayer Walkthrough

There are a couple of obvious differences to Burnout Paradise. Instead of Boost, this uses nos. The mini map rotates and there is a speedo.

But, otherwise.... it does pretty much look like what we would expect to see from a Burnout Paradise 2.

Overall, I think Burnout Paradise fans will be thrilled by this announcement. It seems to tick all of the boxes for those of you who loved Paradise.

And for the rest of us Burnout fans, I hope it means that the next Burnout title, will be more like the pre-Paradise Burnouts. Closed tracks, insane speeds and pure battle racing!

For me, I am looking forward to playing it. It does look like all of the best bits about Paradise. And the open world idea does work for evading the police, so fits with most wanted. 

Most Wanted was my favourite NFS title, mostly because I never played the early games. I think Criterion's spin on this title will be more successful then their spin on hot pursuit. 

Hopefully, now this is in the can, they can get on and make a proper Burnout game! :)


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...road rules.

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In the Press Conference demo the Autolog names that came up were Eilzabeth, Harry, Kate, William and Phillip?

Very loyal subjects, they snuck in a quick God Save The Queen at the end too.

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i didn't notice the names until someone else mentioned it, but the "God save the Queen" made me smile, I thought it was really nice for a British developer to celebrate the Jubilee while in Los Angeles.

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They've taken over now


"No menus.  No lobbies.  No restrictions.

Our online play's about intense competition, team games, massive variety, persistent scoring, deep ranking and endless rewards and Modifications.

Pick a car, meet up with your friends and enjoy a nonstop PlayList of competitive events.

Influence the PlayList by voting with your car. Fight for position on the start line or turn around to take out oncoming rivals at the finish. It’s online driving, as you’ve never seen it."

I saw there's no grid to stat races, as soon as everyone is in the location it just starts.

I wonder with the Paradise stylings if it will attract enough people away to get the Paradise servers under threat.

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Have to say that I am more excited about this game than what I was about NFS HP. Yeah it was okay but it was not burnout.  As ZombieTron said is certainly does tick all the boxes for the Burnout Paradise fans(ME!). The best thing about it is that we don't have to wait another year before we see something. Roll on October!

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It'll be competing with Forza Horizons, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 in it's first couple of weeks.


Burnout 3 vids a plenty -

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I am just going to stick with SSX til another Good Burnout comes out Preparadise I mean!. I might try out Most wanted but I was more of a NFS Underground person Illegal Street racing Drag racing (my favorite) and more! all with closed track racing with the feel of open road it was perfect. 

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)