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Played a bit of Most Wanted today- thoughts.

I gave this a try at the Play Expo. The singleplayer demo I played was only one race and a portion of the map.


The race was a checkpoint race. There's takedowns in it, but no slow-down camera for it (it got a bit tiring after a while in Paradise, anyway - especially  doing a few straight after each other). The handling is great but turning requires a little bit more effort than Paradise - you can't simply glide round any corner with ease.

Who's Getting Most Wanted?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is getting closer, and it really does look like a sequel to Burnout Paradise.

Although it is a bit strange that there isn't really that much information about the game yet, I have already seen enough in the trailers that reminds me of Paradise. Billboards, smash gates, freeburn online with races and those brilliant challenges, takedowns, etc. to convince me to get the game.

I also love how you unlock cars by finding them in the city. As soon as I get past the tutorial, I'll probably spend a few hours looking around the city.

Need for Speed Photo Mode




I think the photo mode is a great addition (well, there was one in the first Burnout), and you can get some great looking screenshots. You can also grab them from here:

New Car Prices (And Were Available)

 Toy Collection 1: 480 Points

- Toy Hunter Cavalry: 160 Points

- Toy Hunter Manhattan: 160 Points

- Toy Kreiger WTR: 160 Points

- Toy Jansen P12


Toy Collection 2: 480 Points

- Toy Hunter Takedown 4x4: 160 Points

1.6 and Party Pack Impressions

Just some quick impressions

The new colours are awesome: the game looks absolutely stunning, espcially the cars. The crumples in the bodywork also looks a lot more defined. Night time also looks a lot better. I also haven't seen any fog...

The cars don't seem to have changed that much. They're slower while not boosting, but you get boost easier and use it up slower so it isn't a problem. The R-Turbo felt the same, but tougher. The X12 felt like it cornered a lot better.

The broken flashing billboards are very annoying. The superjumps and smash gates are alright.

The (Rather Simple) Party Pack Achievements

I just noticed on that Burnout Paradise had a new image based on the "Ultimate Box" box art. And it seems that shows two newachevements for 25GS each:

Perfect Party Game - Complete a Party game where every player scores in every round

Massive Party Game - Complete a Party game of 8 rounds with 8 players

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