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Game Designer would like Paradise World Editor

Does anyone know if the PC version of paradise will have a world Editor?  I would like to make district...If not I'll just use MAX, but world editors are always fun.

Old video of 104 takedown on burnout Takedown.

I realized i was past 100 and hit record on the vcr, lost focus and then crash lol. In this game even when they show the cut in vid of your enemy crashing, its still best to steer your car, or else the game will let you crash, unlike paradise (which saves you )  Enjoy!!!



Is burnout trying to appeal more to the simulation gamer audience?

I think they are, while sstill trying to keep us arcade racers.  I am slowly getting over the fact that in Paradise, all the cars are diff and the driving is close to simulation cars or should I say trying to emulate real handing.  I was furious yesturday after work, a bit worried about someone. 


Worst Burnout Soundtrack ever

How can I change the Paradise soundtrack. Its really annoying. I'm shocked that this is even called a burnout soundtrack, seems like they just trough songs together and picked that theme song just bc it says paradise city.

Bikes in Burnout???

Okay, what is going on with Burnout?  The idea of bikes I am still a bit skepticle about, will they handle like real bikes or what?  Is it going to be like Road Rash at all?  What is the point of having bike in burnout? Are the riders going to fly off with they crash?

Let's Bring Burnout Takedown to XBOX 360.

Paradise is nice, real nice...But let's get back to the game that taught us how to really survive in Burnout...Takedown.  Legends was good, but lacking, Takedown had it for me.  Is Takedown even playable on the 360? and if so can we get online with it?  Could one transfer over their files to the 360?


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