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Run with the Wolf???

Hello fellow Burners and Elites,

Sticking with Original Car over its Legnedary Car Cousin

The new Legendary cars are fun, but I'm still sticking to my p12, when it comes to the jansen family. Maybe I will like the Legandary cars once players learn to control them and stop making a big deal about them. The Knightrider-like car is really nice, by the way.

Phantom Racer in Ranked Race causes Ruckus!!!

I'm not sure how many people have experienced this, but I know I am not the only one.  There is a glitch in the online race, or an abnormality where there can be a Phantom Racer.  He will start the race before everyone and then dissapear, you assume he is disqualified because his gamertag is now a darkened black color.


Hello, all.


    It has been a while since I have been on here. I started a new job and dedicated myself to ranked races and such. I was ranked 541 lastnight and now with these updates, its says im unranked. what happened?  "Updates"

Criterion Elite!!! Finally

I got this game in late August of this year, since then i really didnt have much time to play it until 4 weeks ago. Finally I made it to Criterion elite. It seemed like it took forever in the beginning. I still need to get the last 82nd car you get for completing 2 sets of online challenges. If any one wants to help me with 2 player and 3 player challenges, let me now.



113 takedowns video



I know its not the highest score, but i eneded up geting this score without even trying to get it.  When I have time one day, I will go for a much higher score.

Paradise Confessions: Blackwolf22303 "The back of the Bus..."

Well, another day in Paradise city. Everything was going well, I raced a few people online and then got offline for some other kind of fun.  I found myself wondering pass white cars, red cars, Gillet vans and then it hit me...I am in a Takedown 4x4...and I hate these Buses.  For a while now the Paradise Metro has laughed in my face, mocking me as I tear through traffic but not through it. An here is where the story begins...


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