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Batmobile and Backup and Transferred Paradise Game Saves and Content!!!

Hi all,

    I didn't realize how long I have not been on the site in a while. I have been a teacher for a few months now and didn't realize how busy and cut off from the world I have been. Got a new cell phone and lost some numbers, moved around a bit and never had the time to connect again. Anyways there are two things I want to mention. 1. The Batmobile in the recent Batman Game and how I upgraded to an XBOX 360 Elite and copied all game saves from my old HDD to my PC and then to my 360 Elite HDD without losing any content at all.

Honorable mention in Game Contest

I entered a contest and at least got an honorable mention, but they didn't show the images that I provided. You can check some of them out on my previous blog.


Updated Samples


"Burnout Resurrection

Burnout: Resurrection... teaser

Here are some quick images I had to work on and sent in to a contest.  Hopefully Criterion will bring back modes from Burnout Takedown and add some new things to the game. The pictures below tease on the idea of World Tour mode via cargo plane to get from country to country.  The second pic is the idea of being able to use another alternative shortcut such as smashing through windows during a race.


Another online ranked race bug

This time i was not downloading anything at all, I say this bc lastnight I was downloading alot of data on my network and it made me disconnect from a race and I went down about 20 odd points on my rank. Today I gained maybe 40 points back so that is solved and lesson learned.

Avoiding accidents in Paradise?


If you are new to Burnout Paradise or even the Burnout Series, these helpful hints will serve you well.
Learning the map will provide additional knowledge to recognize numerous options and routes in any incident.

Others, please add your tips as well, if it is not in the FAQs.

Confessions of Blackwolf22303: Drifting up the parking garage. Love it !!!

Even though it is not long enough there are a few places on the new island that lets you drift for a bit to ascend or descend a building inner workings. My favorite happen to be the parking garage, yes it is very short, just 3 or 4 floors, but still funny.

Any ranked Racers?

Hi all,

It's getting a little boring waiting for the island but its almost here. After we calm down from the island, does anyone want to practice ranked and unranked races? If you want to know more info on me, go to the criteriongames site to check stats


My GT: blackwolf22303 (Xbox 360)

check stats:


What is this site coming to?

I have been an online gamer since I went to college and part of making a game, we also had to test out so many games on and offline so we can successfully create our own.  Lately I have been thinking about somethings and concerning this site, I'm beginning to wonder about some posts on here.  I liked the Burnout series bc when you went online, the people were friendlier and cooler than in other games and game genres. Yes playing Burnout is extremely crazy and violent in some aspect, still you find  mostly cool people on it. 


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