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Burnout Paradise is free with Xbox Live Gold Next week

Criterion and the XBox Live Backward Compatible team are bringing the very well made game, "Burnout" Paradise to Xbox live for free as part of the Xbox Live Gold Program.

It is a great game, and if you are a gamer give it a try, driver or not you will be amazed at how this game works and it is just fun to 'dick about with mates'.

I put 760 hour plus into the game and it works very well, I installed from my disk version I own and all the dlc was there to download too :)





Exit. I'll take a 50/50, definitely phoning a friend and I don't trust the audience.

The person who came up with Brexit, must have been racist's (that is a strong statement Suf? I know, but this a blog and IMHO counts? Yes?No?). It should have been called EU Referendum, Leave or Stay, in the European Union. Not. Get out U! Or there is the exit, leave... The person who came up with it wanted out and wanted you to think out, 'other' people out, too. And Bropen would have upset too many people, and let more people in for hugs and stuff.

Dangerous Golf reviewish and tangents in History of Burnout

When children play, they are so focused playing that it takes a Shout of their name to pull them from their fantasy world of 'play'.

Dangerous Golf, can bring out that child in anyone, that knows how to hold a controller.

As most of my readers know I really enjoyed the Burnout games, Takedown and Revenge being favourites. I like to race and take people down for fun, I enjoy the competitive racing of Revenge, and the road rage of Takedown. I loved Burnout 2 but no online play puts it 3 on the list.

It's High Noon.


Oh, A blog, about broken new games and old but great they still work games. OMG a BLog.

Another Title came to mind, When are we going to see cars torn in half?

My word, I'm in Word again, and the first time this year baring CV's and attempted business plans.

I wrote this on my FB but It pay's to advertize

 Now my dd's are bouncing, bounce bounce bounce, if dis keeps going i'll have to close shop on me self, anyone wanna buy my life?

pinned it

though chat pad may be easier to use with this app or a keyboard like bboxee?and #escapethegrid went through town. Thats Forza Horizon Press show.

So thought's on NFS:Most Wanted By Criterion Games.

Basically Paradise with 'real cars', slightly 'wider' driving space, with a less cartoon look, and lapped races, speedo, moving map, now we just need some sorta boost lock feature to give us a slight Burnout feel? Oh, and Autolog V:2.

So thought's from you, the half a dozen of us left...?


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