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Criterion Games seemingly random movie quote tweets!

CG have baffled me the last few days with seemingly random movie quote tweets, here is what they have tweeted so far;

The first movie quote (AFAIK) was: "It's called ICE and it gets a little slick"  from True Lies, as this was when the UK was suffering from a big freeze, I assume it was to do with the weather... but it was followed by these quotes;

Rewind v Rubberbanding

A lot of the new racing titles have a rewind feature, this helps when you make a mistake, you can just rewind the race and redo that little bit to get it right next time.

Closed track Burnout games have rubber banding, if you are behind in the race the cars ahead of you will slow down and give you a chance to catch up. This works in online races too, if someone is very far behind it is very difficult for the person in the lead to get and maintain boost. This is known as "the handicap".

Criterion Games to Release Need for Speed in 2010!

According to their latest tweet...

"2010 will satisfy our increasing desire for travelling at a rate of high velocity....or words to that effect..."

Are you getting excited yet???!!!  

Nearing the end of an emotional year..

This year has been quite something for me, it started with finding out I was pregnant. Then came all the planning to move to Norway and the move itself, then the birth of our daughter... meanwhile back in the UK my Mum's battle against ovarian cancer was taking a turn for the worse. She is still with us, thank goodness, but has now come off of all medication so it is just a matter of time.

GAME For Good - COD:MW2

You can take part in the Game for Good weekend on the 5th and 6th of December, Activision will donate money to the War Child charity for every player on COD:MW2 over that weekend. (up to a quarter of a million squids). As far as I can tell, this is for UK players only, so if you are in the UK and have COD:MW2 make sure you get online on the 5th and 6th of December!

BurnoutAholics Needs a Hero...

And we have found one! Watch this movie to see who answered our call...

 Hero Movie 

Thank You Hero! and Thanks to Xandu for finding this for us!


Dreaming again...

I was going to call this blog "CG's NFS: My trip to see it early!" but as it was only in a dream I thought that would be a bit misleading. Last night tho, while I was sleeping, I took a trip to CG's offices in Guildford and saw their progress on their NFS title for myself. At first I thought it was new DLC for Paradise... Toy Planes!! mini messerschmitt's flying around what looked like a new series of Islands for BP. Very cartoony graphics. Same with the cars, loaded with guns on board, in a top down cartoon style wacky racer for kids!

Why you shouldn't play Burnout IRL!

Thanks to Rofer for sending me a link to this... remember everybody Burnout is a video game, do not try to drive like that for real!!! He must of been getting loads of Oncoming and Near Miss Boost before he CRASHED tho!!!




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