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A moment, a Split/Second...

just a quick blogservation of my first impressions of Split/Second. I haven't played it much yet myself, but am currently sat at SUFFUR's watching Suf and Xandu trying out the online experience and having difficulty being able to get into a game together.

There is no lobby system, you can pick a public match which will put you into a game much like quick match does in Burnout. 9 times out of 10 the game you are placed into is full, no room to invite your friends or your Xbox live party. 

Spring Cleaning Our Front Page

I have just done a bit of spring cleaning and removed a few time specific stories from the front page, as it was looking a bit out of date!

This means that the front page stories are now pretty old... but as there has been no new Burnout news, that is how it will stay for a little while I guess.

I am looking forward to bringing you screen shots of the new NFS game by Criterion Games when they come to light, presumably not until E3.. but that is soon!  

2010 - The Year of The Racer

This year looks like it is going to be EPIC for racing games, especially my kind of racing games!!

Ofcourse we all know about blur and split/second: velocity, both due imminently (well May) or being played beta style now!

But, there are other racing titles I am looking forward to too;

Game Room Rewind

The most hilarious gaming moment I have had all year, playing Asteroids on Game Room and discovering the Rewind function!

You can not die! Kinda totally defeats the object of most retro arcade games... all skill is removed. But, it is hella fun for at least 2 minutes, rewinding in live play, even when you aren't dead yet.

Everyone should try it, but don't bother buying anything, just do it on demo mode.. Re-rewind.. had me in stitches this morning! 

blur the game beta test excitement

I have heard a couple of old school burners are enjoying the hell out of blur!

I am in the beta test along with Xandu, Suffur and Psychedelicbabe but I guess we wont actually be able to play the beta until the official start date on the 8th of March.

If anybody has been playing already, please let us know what you think! I will be posting my own opinions as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on a copy for myself!!

Curator of the Burnout Museum

Just over a week ago Criterion Games tweeted that they were selling a signed & framed Burnout 3 poster on Ebay, the starting bid was £99 with all proceeds going to charity (not sure which one, I will have to find out).

Should Xbox Live be a Democracy?

I am still reeling from the decision that MS have taken to discontinue Xbox Live for original Xbox and original Xbox games. I just listened to the latest Major Nelson podcast HERE where the decision is discussed briefly.

Both e and Stepto who recorded the show sound upset by the decision, and more upset that they are unable to tell us the reasons for it... what cool stuff is coming thanks to the closedown, due to an NDA.

The Best Baby in the Universe!

I really believe that our Baby Girl is the Best Baby in the Universe! (although now I am writing this, things will probably change!!)


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