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First Steps

Our beautiful 10 month old Burnout Baby is now a walker! She took her first few tentative steps a few weeks ago, and now there is no stopping her, she walks everywhere!

It is nearly the end of summer for us. I noticed brown leaves on the ground today, a real sign that summer is nearly over. We haven't had much of a summer this year, it hasn't been warm enough to swim in the sea. We are definitely thinking about going abroad for a summer holiday next year!

The price of a free game... £169!

Just had to blog this because it's ridiculous... and because I have moved from bytching about Paradise to bytching about Xbox!

So Kinect has been given a price tag of £129.99 with Kinect Adventures, if you want to play Joy Ride it's another £39.99 making a total of £169.98 for what was promised to be a FREE GAME! 

No more 1 vs 100 and other Xbox dissapointments

I just heard about 1 vs 100 being cancelled, there wont be a 3rd season and they are now working on using the tech for 1 vs 100 for different things. But, as 1 vs 100 was record breakingly popular and many gamers were eagerly anticipating it's return. Why not keep it going?

I was only able to play some of, I think it was the first season, as it was region locked in an update and Norway was among the many countries which were denied access to 1 vs 100.

Lobbies, Hosts and Party Chat

I've been thinking about why I love Burnout Revenge online and loved Burnout 3 online, and why I can't seem to get into other online games in the same way... I have come to the following conclusions;

The Lobby and Hosts

NFS: Hot Pursuit a Burner's view

OK, so Criterion Games have made a new game... not quite finished but with a release date set we will be playing NFS: Hot Pursuit well before the year is out. So, as BurnoutAholics, what should we expect?

It sounds like there are many things to look forward too for BurnoutAholics. I just got done reading the Gamespot hands on HERE and there are a few things which stuck out.

Is Kinect Kewl?

YES! Is the quick answer, it is very cool technology, one step closer to the tennis trainer in Total Recall... the future is here NOW! or at least in November!


Time is counting down...

Criterion Games have put up a countdown on their website, 3 days or so until....

I hope to see a completely refreshed www.criteriongames.com with their NFS stomping all over the faded memories of Burnout Paradise!

I am really looking forward to seeing the big NFS reveal!

I have now played both blur and Split/Second!

Only briefly but enough to have a couple of gripes to blog about!

Why does Split/Second not remember that I like to play using the bumper cam?? Having to press Y at the beginning of each event is a tiddly bit annoying!


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