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Two Free Games for Xbox!

Yesterday I found out about 2 free games available on Xbox Live Arcade. Doritos Crash Course and Harmsway.

Harmsway is a racing game with a twist, half the players are on turrets around the course shooting at the racers as they drive by.

Doritos Crash Course is very much like the TV show Wipeout on your Xbox! A crazy obstacle course, where your Avatar falls in the water if you mess up... which you will! This had me laughing more than any video game for a long time!

PDLC announced for NFS:HP

Featuring new cars, new events and new achievements!

See the trailer here:


No news on the price yet, but hopefully it will be affordable. Let us know what you think? Personally, it seems a bit early for DLC already, I'm still nowhere near to completing my careers!


Zombie's 1st Impressions of NFS:HP

We finally got our limited edition Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit's on Thursday, after a very long pre-order period.


Today the new Xbox dashboard update hit and along with the updated Xbox.com, Xbox is fully Kinectified!

I used to be the first to admit that I don't cope with change well, but I was thinking about this today... after days of being frustrated with Xbox.com and weeks of being annoyed about the update as I have been in the preview program... and I have concluded that it's not change that I don't like, but change for changes sake!

The Final Day of Xbox Live

I was one of the last gamers to play Burnout 3: Takedown on Xbox Live on the 15th of April 2010. I am proud that I was there at the very end.

As well as taking photo's of the Burnout leaderboards before they vanished forever, I took some other photo's too!

On the last day of Halo 2, Bungie put some messages on screen thanking us for playing and giving Halo 2 the send off it deserved.

Here are a couple of screens of the messages from Bungie: Last Day of Halo 2 Online

Halo Reach, Blur or Tower Bloxx Deluxe?

As BabyGirl is having a nap, I have a wee bit of unplanned Xbox gaming time! So, what to play?

I just received my own copy of Blur, having ordered it for a bargain price from Play.com. I also believe I have Halo Reach sat in front of me, in a brown envelope addressed to Xandu.... so I can't possibly open it and play it first can I???

More Reasons to Hate MS?

Yesterday MS announced the first price rise for Xbox Live subscriptions, this only affects a few types of Gold Memberships and only a few regions, so don't freak out with OMG The Price of Live has Gone UP that SUCKS!... check the details here;


HydroThunder Hurricane

It's Burnout in Boats!

At the beginning of this year I was excited about all of the Arcade Racing titles being released. Here is a linky to the blog I wrote about it: 2010 - The Year of The Racer 

HydroThunder Hurricane was one of the games I was really looking forward too, and as Joy Ride is Kinect only now and Joe Danger still has no signs of being released on the 360, apart from NFS:HP it is the last racing game I will be getting this year.



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