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Driver: San Francisco

If you haven't tried the demo yet... please do! It was a lot of fun and could be a decent Burnout replacement until another real Burnout reveals itself! wink

I know I said that about Blur and Split/Second, but I really mean it about this one! smiley

Cleaning up our Links page

This weekend we had a bit of a clear out at home and it's inspired me to do the same to our Links page.

There are a few more Criterion Games dudes on twitter who I will be adding. Mostly tho, I am deleting links which are pretty much redundant now.

A few of our community forum links have been inactive for some time, other links like the Paradise Bugzilla are no longer relevant, it's not like CG are looking at fixing any more Paradise bugs now!

THUD THUD! It's ZombieTron Playing Burnout CRASH! on Kinect!!

After seeing a photo of the guys at Criterion Games playing Burnout CRASH! on Kinect, I thought I would give it a go myself!!

This is the Criterion Games photo:

Criterion playing CRASH!


Now... My turn!!!:



Burnout CRASH! BIG Blog!

OK, so I have a bit more time this morning to give a slightly longer impression of Burnout CRASH!

Thanks to SUFFUR for the link, we now have some gameplay footage up on the site HERE

On first watching this footage, whilst being distracted by my energetic toddler, I thought "hmmm this just isn't Burnout". But, as (sadly) I have come to expect that from Criterion Games, I took a second look without any preconceptions.... and it looks a lot of FUN!!!

Burnout Crash Speed Blog

OK, so we now have more details about Burnout Crash. Xandu wrote a super quick story this morning before he was able to read more details. I am in the process of editing that story and putting some flesh on the bones as I go through all the other bits and pieces about the game I can find.

So, the story will be changing throughout the course of the day.

As I am at home looking after a toddler, I will be doing edits as and when I get a minute.

Salvaged from the Xbox Forums

I guess I will need to update the links page too, didn't think about that til just now.... Anyway, this is what I am blogging about;

Xbox.com have now gone live with their redesigned forums. Nobody seems to like the redesign and it means that EVERYTHING you ever wrote on the Xbox.com forums will soon be deleted and gone forever.

Lobster Monsters!

Thanks to Cube tweeting about it, I have read the ESRB summary for Burnout: Crash.... here it is:

"All prepping a presentation on our next game."

Is it time for us BurnoutAholics to start getting excited again? Could a new instalment of our favourite gaming series be on it's way?

This was a recent tweet from Alex Ward "All prepping a presentation on our next game." Which on top of other tweets from CG team members like "Not long to go till I get back to Criterion to work on "next project" :-)" from Tad Swift, is getting me a little bit excited!


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