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Saving Burnout Revenge

Since the news broke about the server close down due on the 13th of April 2012, some of the Burnout Revenge community have taken action to try to save the game.

Where everybody knows your name...

We are all poorly sick so have been at home mostly watching TV and sleeping. We watched some episodes of Cheers. I really love the theme song and it reminds me of how I felt playing Burnout 3: Takedown over Xbox Live.

Everybody knew my name and they were always glad I came, it was a getaway.... and I really miss it.

Jumping from room to room making friends and rivals, we had a thriving little community going... I miss you old Burners!

Where are you now?

Bit the Bullet: Facebook and Fitness

OK, after years of umming and ahhing and being fairly indecisive and mostly anti-facebook, I have set up an account.

The final straw for me was being an expat and needing an extra resource to connect with people from back home and other expats here.

The new year gave me focus to take the plunge... and I am happy I did.

Famous Members :)

Recently SUFFUR was caught on camera at the Eurogamer Expo, he was in the retro gaming zone playing Burnout 3: Takedown as the Inside Xbox team were doing their thang.

Here is our capture of his frame of fame (although he tells me it was 72 frames) ;

Suffur sat behind Andy Farrant's head

We also have another 3 people we know, one of whom is our very own hn6, featured on a WGLtv video as they are all members of the NSD clan (That's North South Divide).

Burnout CRASH! Crashes my 360!

I was going to play Burnout CRASH! tonight, as you can see from the score boards I am only 54% complete with a long way to go to catch up with the Xandu v Suffur battle for the Burnout CRASH! Crown.

However, as my Xbox kept buzzing and freezing when I tried to play, I gave up and watched Extreme Couponing instead.

I would so do couponing if I lived in the states! How do stores and manufacturers still make a profit when some people can walk out with thousands of dollars worth of stuff for FREE? craziness!

It's tomorrow already!

Xandu put up a little countdown to Burnout CRASH! ticker, only a couple of days ago, but it's a good reminder that Burnout CRASH! is due to be released tomorrow.

I hadn't completely forgotten about it, but CG haven't exactly been overly loud in the build up to  their new release. I have had other things going on in my day to day life, which has meant that I am fairly non-pumped about getting Burnout CRASH! tomorrow.

The ALL NEW BurnoutAholics Forums!

Those of you who frequent Xbox.com will know that they have upgraded (I use that word loosely) their forums.

They have yet to create a Peggle forum, and the Driver: SF forum only has a handful of posts.

The general state of the Xbox forums has inspired me to expand our own.

I have now added a Driver: SF and a Peggle forum to our list.

Please let me know if there are any other games you feel like discussing here, as I am happy to add any forums that I think/know will be used.

Burnout CRASH! = Pinball

I didn't really get the pinball influence until I saw this video:


Now, I can really see the pinball influences.

The music that comes in when special things happen is very pinball. Falling down holes and starting at the bottom again is very pinball. And all the triggered special features have a very pinbally feel.


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