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xBone, iPad and NFS:R

First of all, apologies for not blogging on anywhere near a regular basis. I have been rubbish about adding updates on here. I blame the fact that I mostly use my iPad now, which is more suited to FB updates, Twittering and using our new chat box feature than writing anything more substantial.

Secondly, Xbox have revealed their next gen console, it’s the one. Our little girl was awake while we were watching the reveal and was put to bed during the COD bits at the end, so I wasn’t giving it the full attention that I probably should have.

I don't think I get it!!??

I'm normally the first person to argue that racing games don't need a storyline. But, maybe I was wrong.

When it comes to open world racing/driving, I really think a good story would help me.

Am I missing something? Or is NFS:MW just too subtle for me???

To be fair, I have only played the game 3 times so far. The first time I played, I was quite enjoying it. I was playing offline only, got through some events and found some cars.

Hot Pursuit / Paradise Mash Up!

First impressions were that Most Wanted is going to be Paradise 2, but now it looks more likea mash up of Paradise and Hot Pursuit.

Check out the new vid:


OK, so you have to copy and paste cos links don't work... or just go to the need for speed website and click on the news tab.

NFS:MW My First Impressions

Yesterday, NFS:MW got it's debut at E3. The trailer looks sweet, music from the Prodigy and action that gets me smiling.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trailer

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Debut

E3 Excitement

E3 is fast approaching and we are hoping to hear something from Criterion Games from the expo. Today, @GeneralCusster tweeted a teaser:

LA flights and hotel booked for @TheWebsterHoff @SargeSullivan and me.

I hope they all have a lovely time in lalaland! :)

Facebook Group - Alex responds!

The Save Burnout Revenge group has had a phone call and emails and now comments from Alex Ward. Thanking them for their efforts to save the servers, here (in our default font, which I hope is nice enough) is the summary email and further comments:

Message just receved from alex ward.

Dear Nicola and Mark,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you personally.

To summarise:

What are Criterion Games working on?

The only thing we have heard from them are vague we have something big to announce tweets, but we have rumours of two different possible titles.

Burnout: Rush Hour and Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2

So, what are Criterion Games working on? Could the Wii Burnout be by another developer, like Dominator was? Have Criterion Games permanently abandoned Burnout for the NFS series?

I am eager to learn more about these games, hopefully we will hear some solid announcements soon.

Where does Burnout go from here?

I know I am eagerly awaiting an announcement from Criterion Games, to hear a new Burnout is on its way!

However, I am also painfully aware that the series has not gone in the direction I would have wanted it to go in. And any announcement now will not please ALL BurnoutAholics.

There are now two very different types of Burner. The old skool Burner who thrives in closed track battle racing environments and the new comers who want to pull stunts and explore open worlds.

So where does the series go from here?


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