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hello to all you Burners

we hope you might like our forthcoming game. it's coming for ps4, pc and xbox one.

and just to say...

we havent forgotten about you guys....and we've been really busy for the past year or so.

Today I'm playing some B3

Now that I keep my Xbox 360 at the Three Fields Office it will probably get fired up some more.

Not much to share right now - we're hard at work on our first two games and they are progressing.

We're a really small team so we hope everyone can be patient with us.

We're not currently making anything racing related - but we hope to in the future. It's been awhile, but I think I am interested again in doing something *more special* than B3 was.

"Point of Impact" spotted running in Amsterdam

We tweeted this on our Three Fields Twitter account this morning @3FieldsEnt - but over the weekend our Tech Director at Three Fields (former Criterion CTO Paul Ross) flew over to the Netherlands and visited the local retro shops.

He's very partial to a lot of old Commodore 64 stuff.

He took a photo of the shop Gamecube which was running "Burnout 2 Point of Impact." The obviously have exceedingly good taste over there in Holland.

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