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UPDATES 10-10-2015

The site has been down for maintenance for the last 20 minutes. All patches and updates have been applied successfully. If everything has worked as it should you will not notice any changes :-)


UPDATES 02-09-2014

As our new chat system was hated by many and loved by few it had to go!

We now have a new chat-block that is more similar to the previous one. Let us hope that the crew likes this one better.

The new chat is only available to members of the site. The chat block displays a maximum of 30 messages. Messages older that 4 days are automatically moved to the logs regardless of this number.

If you click the info link below the chat a list of available emoticons will be displayed.

That's it for now.

UPDATES 11-08-2014

On Saturday, the site was updated due to some serious security vulnerabilities in Drupal. At the same time, I removed our old chat room as it had several security issues that needed fixing.

NFS Rivals - The online multiplayer singleplayer only game...?

NFS Rivals is really frustrating me! It is a fun game if you are after a single player experience, only problem is that it is made to be played online. I think it would be really fun if it worked. On Xbox 360 there are horrible sync issues were other racers appear to be next to you but really they were there 5 seconds ago or maybe a minute ago!

LightFlash - A 5-mode FlashLight for Windows Phone 8

It has been a while since my last blog so I thought I'd share what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Since this summer, I have been working on multiple apps for Windows Phone. The first one to get released was my "flashlight app" called LightFlash. The first version was very basic and I only created it to get something working into the store as soon as possible.

As people downloaded the app and gave it good reviews it inspired me to upgrade the app with some unique features, which in the end made it a 5-mode flashlight.

Status and updates 05-26-2013

I've done some minor updates to the site today. The most important one is that the text editor (ckEditor) has been updated to the latest versions. For IE 10 users this means that it is no longer required to use compability view when you add blogs or comments.

Road Redemption - Combat racing

Finally a fresh breath in the racing genre... I really like the look of this game.

More details about the kickstarter campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkseasgames/road-redemption

Check the out unofficial trailer below...


Borderlands 2 DLC / Season Pass - Pro Tip!

As I just got the Borderlands 2 Season Pass I had to download all the DLC. Since you can only get the DLC that is unlocked by the season pass from the in-game menus it means that you have to wait for the download to complete before you can get the next one. I don't really understand why developers choose to do it this way as they could just add the download to the queue and we could carry on playing our games!

Did you know that there is actually a way around this problem? It's called the Xbox Purchase History!


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