Bit the Bullet: Facebook and Fitness

OK, after years of umming and ahhing and being fairly indecisive and mostly anti-facebook, I have set up an account.

The final straw for me was being an expat and needing an extra resource to connect with people from back home and other expats here.

The new year gave me focus to take the plunge... and I am happy I did.

Drain Damage: 41 Million

Drain Damage - Burnout Revenge - 41 Million

Above is a link to a 41 million hit on drain damage burnout revenge, enjoy. It took me a total of 3 tries to get it and is my 15 time doing it. I decided to record it. I hope you enjoy the clip so you can view the way I rode the track. At the very end is lag in the clip. I don't know where it comes from but it stops for about a second.


Burnout Revenge Winter Tournament.

Starts December 17th, Saturday, 12pm PST I think that 8PM UK If needed the turnament will start earlier.

Post here if you want in.

Need at least 30 people for this tournament 6 people in 5 rooms if possible or 6 people in 4 rooms.


Players will be accumulating points as they progress through the rounds. I will be keeping track of everyone's points. After each round, player points will be added to the previous round. Top three players from each room will be put together with the top three from other rooms.

First round
3 tracks 4 laps

Burnout Conversations!

So on my youtube Channel I will be posting conversations we burners have while we race! I have a few conversations already recorded and man its all random stuff but good stuff. If any of you want to take part let me know. I want to start a Series on Youtube about burnout convo's and I know this will be fun. Stay posted and Ill send links soon!

SSX anyone?

Just a thought on what everyone was thinking about SSX. As a long time fan of the game and a long awaited title. I want to know if what you guys think of the game and if you will be getting it in January? It looks amazing and better then ever with a gameplay like SSX3 and SSX tricky. This time it will feature over 200 tracks to race on and even more competion for everyon. With times for the fastes down to the bottom and racing your friends ghost to see what route they take to online money pots for the win. Let me know what you think and I hope you all get it as well.

Famous Members :)

Recently SUFFUR was caught on camera at the Eurogamer Expo, he was in the retro gaming zone playing Burnout 3: Takedown as the Inside Xbox team were doing their thang.

Here is our capture of his frame of fame (although he tells me it was 72 frames) ;

Suffur sat behind Andy Farrant's head

We also have another 3 people we know, one of whom is our very own hn6, featured on a WGLtv video as they are all members of the NSD clan (That's North South Divide).

Burnout CRASH! Crashes my 360!

I was going to play Burnout CRASH! tonight, as you can see from the score boards I am only 54% complete with a long way to go to catch up with the Xandu v Suffur battle for the Burnout CRASH! Crown.

However, as my Xbox kept buzzing and freezing when I tried to play, I gave up and watched Extreme Couponing instead.

I would so do couponing if I lived in the states! How do stores and manufacturers still make a profit when some people can walk out with thousands of dollars worth of stuff for FREE? craziness!

UPDATES 24-09-2011

We have now added leaderboards for Burnout CRASH! There are leaderboards for each level so when we have added them all there will be 9 x 6 = 54 in total. I addition to this we have added a Masters of CRASH! leaderboard that is calculated from the total of all your CRASH! scores. This is the ultimate leaderboard for Burnout CRASH! and will tell us who is the best of the best.

I've done some minor adjustments to the leaderboards this afternoon. The completion percentage is now showing correctly.


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