The drunk and suf meet up No 7 or is it?

Too gone to write, to be remembered at another date, and updated. And write about the previous 6 or is it?.

My name is Drunk and I'm a BurnoutAholic...

So this is the updated site.. looking good Xan and Zombie.. must say a thank you to both as you guys are some of the originals that have made me into the addict I am.. also thanks to El Sufur, Jynnx and all the rest that have aided in my downfall (lol)..

so unlike the majority of the BA guys I'm quite a noob only ever starting on Burnout 3 Takedown.. but thankfully the years and hours spent on takedown and revenge have made me feel right at home here..

Late nite, before sleep.

Well, I wrote a very interesting review/comment on the Burnout 2 'Point of Impact', in the Burnout 2 section of this web site, but due to a Ghost in a Shell situation, it has been lost. It was one of my best works and it is no-more, like a dead parrot.

Update 31-05-2007

Done lots of updates today:

  • Added updated Terms of use
  • Cleaned up the menus in the left side panel
  • Removed Burnout links and Community links from left side panel
  • Added new links page. Also included some new links
  • Renamed and rearranged most of the remaining menus
  • Updated the about page
  • Added Search and Terms of Use to the menu
  • Added Burnout Paradise to the Burnout menu

Update 30-05-2007

I've done a couple of more updates to the site today.

  • Added more Burnout 2: Point of Impact wallpapers
  • You no longer need to preview comments before you post them
  • Added new instructions on what is considered appropriate content in avatars and signatures
  • All posts are now checked for spam. If you post something and it doesn't show up on your page it has probably been red-flagged.
  • Anonymous comments are still allowed but Name and E-mail is now required

Medication Will be served at 3!!

Greatings to all,

I just want to say---THIS PLACE ROCKS BABY!!!

If anyone wants to race me, all they have to do is find me.



Man "A blast from the past... PART 2!" brings up some good old memories...

I will never get the image out of my head of Xandu and a friend of ours playing BO2 head to head on the Xbox... They were literally neck to neck the whole time. Perfect lap after perfect lap. I can still smell the tension in the air... It's a miracle the Xbox controllers actually survived the two of you ;-)

Those were the days! Only shame that our friend didn't grow up to be a burnoutaholic...

Can't win'em all, eh?

Love the new website!

Hey Xandu good job on the new website, it looks awesome.


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