WTF - December for Paradise!!!!

Confused.. was just looking on play at the new games for the 360 and noticed that Burnout Paradise is now due for release on the 14th December 2007,, when the F*** did that happen.. thought it was supposed to be out in September.. why are they doing this??? build up our hopes only to take them away


Phew... I finally reached 97,35% (that's 9735 dominator points for the uninitiated ;-)) complete in Burnout Dominator. I only have the gold medal in the final event (1.000.000 maniac points in ONE event?!?!?!?) and ~1500 near misses left to complete, and both of those will come in time.


However, I have had the opportunity to refine my first impression of the game somewhat (found more annoying things etc...).


I still think that Burnout Dominator is the best Burnout game to date, but still a few things just baffle me..

Updates 09-06-2007

I've done a couple of minor updates today.

  • Videos in the "Burnout-Takes" section are now streamed using the BurnoutAholics Clip viewer. You no longer need to download the whole video to watch it.
  • JwintooX - Burners guide video is now pointing to a version of the video on the and not the YouTube version.
  • New Poll
  • Added Burnout 3: Takedown Drift Jumping video

Updates 07-06-2007

In the last two days a couple of new features have been added to As you probably know members of get their own blog. You can now name your blog and give it a description. I've also added a more powerful text editor that makes writing and editing blogs a much more pleasant experience. When talking about editing blogs... make sure that you don't go to another page in the same window/tab that you are editing your blog in. It will be gone when you go back.

Will Paradise be Perfect?

The teaser trailer released this week on the Xbox Live Marketplace looks stunning. Especially the speed in the last few seconds. But it doesn't give much away. What will Burnout Paradise be like? How will the Open World work on-line? Will there be Traffic Checking? I have so many questions. So I took a look back at a few Alex Ward interviews to see if I could get some answers. The Alex Ward quotes (in bold) come from his interviews with Newsweek, Eurogamer & CVG, I have used some artistic license.

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Burnout Dominator - IMHO

I just got my copy of Burnout Dominator for PSP (yes I know I should have gotten it months ago ;-) and wanted to share some first impressions...

Don't get me wrong, I honestly think that Burnout Dominator is the best Burnout game to date, but it still has a few design flaws that just annoys me to the point of banging my head against the wall and crying out in sheer agony...

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Top Burnout Revenge Clips

Today we have added a rating system to the Burnout Revenge Clips. You can now vote on your favourite clips. If you want to join the fun and submit one of your own clips check out how it's done here. Please note that only members can submit clips. Do a cool crash and become a BurnoutAholics super star!


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