Burnout Evolution

There have been a lot of changes in Burnout over the years, looking back at the original game where you have to earn boost, there is the constant risk of not making a checkpoint in time and the big arrows are green. 

What is a good 'Room'? On Burnout and Xbox Live and are they different? Judge Suffur presides.

This is an idea that came from the drunk and suf meet up No 7 or is it? And will be edited as an ongoing thing as the mind reaches ground.


On the ground.


This applies to most games but I'll keep it to Burnout. Well I have time while a techy comes to fix me modem. Thats going to be rule 1.


New info to be released in the July issue of PSOUK mag about Paradise. That is all.

New info to be released in the July issue of PSOUK  Mag about Paradise. That is all.

Review of the downloadable Dominator tracks

I thought that it's about time somebody here at burnoutaholics wrote a review of the downloadable tracks in Burnout Dominator, and since I'm either the only burnoutaholic that plays Dominator or the only one that plays Dominator and can't keep quiet about it, I rose to the occasion. ;-)


Carnival Point: Return of the Tuk-Tuk

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Yet Another Burnout Dominator Bug - or YeAnBuDoBu for short

In completing 100% in Burnout Dominator, I have uncovered yet another bug, but this is one that I have to call critical for any burnoutaholic.

When you drive Time Trial in Record Breaker to set a new best time (or in my case - to get the last 1000 near misses I needed to achieve 100%), the game will not save the best lap time you had this round when you press End Session from the menu, it will save the last completed lap time instead.


Video Gaming not addictive!! you've been told!!

so as you may be able to tell, I'm very busy at work today.. as part of my research and keeping up with industry trends I took my daily look at and the following article caught my eye..


Flat Out Ultimate Carnage-Stop gap.

The game is great fun, like Burnout 3 Takedown, Crash and Burn, Forza, Dirt and a bit of Mario Party thrown in, will keep me going till Burnout Paradise is out(DEC07). Worth getting, funny and easy to pick up if you have played any driving game, a great fix, over Revenge, also i have a Number 1 time on the figure of 8 course, will not last long i think i can knock 2 seconds of me time, so someone will beat me. Well worth £27, though to you £35. 8 players on-line, mini games and cars blow up to 40 pieces, with flames and concussion,  only 40 less than BO Paradise.

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Yo, fellow Burnout fans! I finally found a website worth surfing around in. This website is the best Burnout fan site I've visited 


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