E3 XBox360 round up, by tired old man; and now the others.

Nice, some great game play footage of some great games, no Burnout Paradise in thier bit. Halo 3 was very pretty as Drunk would say, well thats all for them, stuff looked good and was sold to us for being on top of charts, which means thier good. Halo 3 was very, very pretty. Nice Games for Vista Too, and some sequels and that game Fatal Inertcia, pod racer come burnout come extreme g and other stuff, i like very, very fast. Some stuff coming in future looks good, and arcade very nice.

EEE or E3 this week

Well its E3, this week, see or, for xbox 360 news on new games for PS3 you goto go some where else and for pc same again, oh you want me to find the links, ok, i asume E3 has it own site so would be good. and for the Sony stuff and there should be links etc. (i be xbox's bytch, so i am bias and lazy )

The Burnout Aholics Prayer


Our microsoft,  who art in heaven

360 be thy name,

thy kingdom come,

burnout will be done,

on Angel Valley as it is in heaven.

Give us this race our daily boost,

and forgive us our eliminations

as we forgive those

who eliminate against us.

Lead us not into head ons,

but deliver us from cross traffic. on Forza Motorsport 2

As I've finally gotten Forza Motorsport 2 I thought it would be a good idea to create a car with a design on it. I'm a noob at making designs on cars in FM2 but with some time I should be able to make a cool looking design. UInder you will see how far I've gotten so far... ohhh and notice the flying cone in the spirit of Burnout .. I will update this blog when the car is done.

BurnoutAholics FM2 car

XBox 360 now has a 3 year extented warrenty for the 3 red lights of doom. is where you need to go to hear about it, the interveiw is with Peter Moore, and Major Nelson, its show number #233, they know there is a problem and they are doing something about, which is nice. THis from date of purchase, not from 2day.

In the Top 20 for Burnout on 360Voice!!

Again bored at work and just looking at 360voice in the first time in ages to see if my 360 had anything intresting to say on its blog.. apart from the increase in achievements in the last couple of weeks it seemed happy as larry and in a blissful state (first for me)..


as there had been a number of changes I was just checking out the information and there was a Top 20 gamers for Burnout Revenge.. and guess what.. three of us burnoutaholics are in the top 20 for playing on Burnout..


Adopting a noob?

We have all done it, i'll write about my noobs and the proper care they need to make them better racers. Names will be changed to protect the innocent. This is also ongoing and will update as a when.

Well, what is a noob: someone who has never played the game online before, has no achievements, or only offline achievements. This could also mean they are a Virgin to the game, and have never, been Taken-Down.

Updates 29-06-2007

For some strange reason hard linefeeds (shift+enter) was not allowd in blog entries. This has now been fixed which will make formatting your text a bit easier. That's it for now


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