BURNOUT on 360!

Burnout has been made backwards compatible on the 360!  Gives me another excuse to play it again!!!

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As well as entering our Fabulous Prize Draw to win Exclusive BurnoutAholics T-Shirts and a Sexy PS2 Burnout Revenge Poster, we have also now uploaded our first Member Only Content and it is good!

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Updates 18-07-2007

Today I've got the following news for you.

Racer and Road Ragers...

As we know the crash part of the game has a website, what about the rest of it? I am currently working on a website for racers and ragers to give us some tournaments and info and it couldn't happen at a better time, just before Paradise comes out, Let me know if you have an interest or just want to give me feedback. Thanks.

Updates 17-07-2007

Here are a couple of the changes that is worth mentioning.

Gaming not just for nerds.

What is a good room REVISED?

Put in Burnout Paradise, drive along, hit left on D-pad, find a friend, hit left on D-pad again, invite said friend, drive along with friend seemlessly joining you. Repeat until room is full. Find a place to park (there must be carparks, rest stops etc.) to chat, roll, pee, poo, answer phone, eat and take the Piss out of each other, look up friendly times and crash scores. When everyone is ready, start to 'dick' around. Welcome to a good room/space on side of road/was a lobby/live link, you put a frakking name to it. Picnic break, rest stop, red light, timeout spot ...whatever.

R.I.P: Death to the Lobby

Although I am looking forward too, nay, antisipating with youthful enthusiam for the release of Paradise, I feel that we need to pay our respect to the Lobby for she has served us well over the past few years.

 Personally I feel there is a need to shed a little tear and pay homage to something that provided a safe haven from the carnage, agression, no-holds barred frenetic racing and raging that Burnout exueded.

 So why do I feel such a sense of loss with the release of Paradise? Let me explain..


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