Bootlegs Imaginary Racin Team Rules

Ok seeing as Bootleg seems to think i give way to much too soon etc i'm gonna go mad and give you the whole lot or somewhere there abouts - after last nights Revenge antics i am only just getting my head into a state where i can use around 15% capacity of my brain contents - and there isnt much there to brag about anyway so please be aware that when i lose the plot i do it in style...

As we are havin a huge laugh at the minute with the Grrrr thing i am gonna offer my own rules for your imaginary clan Boot:

Ist Rule Of Clan Grrrr is:  you do not talk about Clan Grrrr.

Morning Bloggy

morning Bloggy

just got myself a new phone Nokia N95 and its sweet, SatNav, TV, Radio, internet but the best thing about it is while I was mucking about in a back office I realised I could use it as a Modem to connect the PC to the web and I could access burnoutaholics, I wonder how much this privalage cost's, Ive got to find that out before I get a monster bill.

Crash Mode >>>>> Racing

Not much of a blog person, so I'm probably not going to post another one for quite a while. But anyways...

I was having fun racing a few days ago when I froze up... twice in a row. So I decided that since I don't care about rank anyway, I'd go do some crash mode. I'm decent at crash but nowhere near a pro... finished in the bottom half of the room most of the time. My rank started plummeting... 400, 2000, 4000, 7000... but it was all good fun. Crashers seem more relaxed and laid-back than most racers, and I think I'm going to start playing with them every once in a while. :-P

Just Spamming my Blog

Good morning Blogy wogy, you dont mind if I call   you that do you?... thought not.

what another good night I had on revenge, I got to destroy some more ranks, boy thats fun and I was there when Ezo (sorry bout the spelling dude) got his 638 and gave some lame excuse that he had to go and get a beer, whatever mister, whats the word, urm scary cat, scary cat,

Rambling about nothing

I have been looking forwards to my blog entry all day, I would have done it this morning if I hadent slept in thanks for that Foxy and ichie I told you that would happen guys, five to eight I got up dang it.

is it only me...

so was on the website looking at dvd/games etc just seeing what was around and had a look at paradise to see what date they reckon it will be availabe.. sorry still no change will have to wait til the end of  the year.. but I couldn't resist.. i am drunk, i'm a burnoutaholic and i have already pre ordered my copy of paradise..


burnout 4 life!!! tournament!!

As a big fan of the burnout games and all racing game arcade or simulation. just wondering if there are still any hate going on upon people?

Boots complaints

oh were do I start, urm How about a Forum were the heck is the Forum all great fansites have them, it feals kinds dumb typing this Blog entry as it might never be read by anyone, Guys you need a Forum dang it I need a Forum,

I used to be with but for some reason any PC I use will crash as soon as I try and reply to any of the post's, its kinda odd that, its also kinda odd that every PC that has this problem all come from the same shop *thinks*

get a Forum up and running and I will recruit  new members for you, right im off for a smoke.


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